The following are arrests made by the Kokomo Police Department. All those

arrested are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. When provided by

the records, the

class="text14">Perspective includes middle initials and other identifying information, however, more common

names may be held by multiple people in the community. Check with the police on

any question of identity.

Aug. 8

Robert L. Barnes, Warrant: Non-Compliance with In-Home Detention/Operating a Vehicle after

Forfeiture of License for Life

Ashley L. Chadwell, Domestic Violence Battery

Michael V. Dominique, Warrant:âFailure to Appear/Check Deception (5 counts)

Donna Marie Webb, Warrant:âChild Neglect

Aug. 9

Linda S. Burns, Public Intoxication

Duwayne Richardson Jr., Public Intoxication

Aug. 10

Nicole M. Cooper, Warrant: Possession of a Syringe, Possession of a Controlled Substance

Lee M. Gleaves, Domestic Violence Battery, Invasion of Privacy

Lori R. Golladay, Possession of Stolen Property, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of a

Precursor, Possession of a Legend Drug, Operator Never Licensed

Troy. S. Liggin, Possession of Methamphetamine

Russell L. McCoy, Domestic Violence Battery, Resisting Law Enforcement

Archie Robertson, Possession of Stolen Property, Possession of a Precursor, Warrant: Probation

Violation (FBI)

Casey J.âWilson, Warrant:âIntimidation

Aug. 11

Franklin Allen, Warrant:âBattery

Lentez L. Ellis, False Informing, Possession of Marijuana, Resisting Law Enforcement, Driving

While Suspended with Priors

Dino A. Lawson, Public Intoxication

Steven A. McElroy, Theft

Keith L. Moore, Warrant:âInvasion of Privacy, Battery

Earl D. Perrigen, Warrant:âPetition to Revoke/Trespass, Failure to Appear/Possession of Cocaine,

Petition to Revoke/Possession of Cocaine, Non-Compliance with In-Home

Detention/Possession of Cocaine

Carrie S. Russell, Warrant:âFailure to Appear for Fees Hearing, Conversion

Joshua A. Stipes, Illegal Consumption, OWI

Matthew A. Turben, Resisting Law Enforcement, Mischief

Angela L. Trusty, Warrant:âFailure to Appear for Fees Hearing, False Informing, Body Attachment

Aug. 12

Teresa D. Barkley, Warrant:âFailure to Appear for Fees Hearing, OWI

Sharonda L. Brown, Habitual Traffic Violator (10 years)

Willie Hawkins, Disorderly Conduct

Troy McClory, Warrant:âConversion

Aug. 13

Shereana M. Floyd, Dealing Cocaine, Child Neglect (3 counts)

Travis L. Guy, Theft (4 counts)

Brian E. Wilson II, Carrying a Handgun without a Permit

Aug. 14

Alexander T. Hulet, Illegal Consumption

Dallas E. Mossholder, Public Intoxication, Invasion of Privacy

Teshunda L. Graves, Driving While Suspended with Priors, False Informing

Larry P. Mitchell II, Warrant: Body Attachment

Chad E. Spurgon, Warrant: Failure to Appear for Fees Hearing (Grant Co.)

Aug. 15

David L.âKing, Public Intoxication, Trespass

Robert Beasley, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Warrant:âDealing in a Schedule II

Controlled Substance (4 counts)

Gary Cooper, Resisting Law Enforcement, Driving While Suspended, OWI

Jonathan Croxford, Warrant:âDealing in a Schedule III Controlled Substance

Christopher Harding, Resisting Law Enforcement, Possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance,

Driving While Suspended

Amber Harland, Maintaining a Common Nuisance

Anthony Harland, Maintaining a Common Nuisance, Dealing in Marijuana, Warrant:âDealing in Cocaine

(2 counts), Dealing in a Controlled Substance (2 counts), Dealing in Marijuana

(2 counts)

Sean Kelley, Child Neglect, Possession of Marijuana

Kenetta Shuck, Warrant:âFailure to Appear/Driving While Suspended

Anthony Smith, Warrant:âDealing in a Controlled Substance

Stephanie Sutherlin, Child Neglect, Possession of Marijuana

Greg A. Campbell, Possession of Marijuana, Neglect of a Dependent

Sarah E. Campbell, Warrant:âMaintaining a Common Nuisance, Neglect of a Dependent

Guy V. Tharp, Warrant:âNeglect of a Dependent

Aug. 16

McKinley Quarles, Possession of Marijuana

Raymond Walls, Possession of Stolen Property, Driving While Suspended, Possession of Marijuana,

Warrant:âBody Attachment, Warrant:âFailure to Appear for Fees Hearing/Driving

While Suspended, Warrant: Failure to Appear/Theft, Warrant:âFailure to Appear

for Petition to Revoke Hearing/Driving While Suspended

Mickal Willis, Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Deal, Possession of Marijuana, Possession

of a Handgun without a Permit, Possession of Cocaine over 3 Grams, Possession

of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Cocaine while in Possession of a



Raymond Bingham, Warrant:âBodyâAttachment

Carl T. Harrison, Warrant:âFailure to Appear for Fees Hearing/Public Intoxication (2 counts)

Chris M. Hunter, Child Neglect

Sean A. Mack, Warrant: Failure to Appear/Resisting Law Enforcement, Body Attachment, Failure

to Appear/Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, Public Intoxication

Seth A. McFarren, Warrant: Failure to Appear for FSA Program, Domestic Battery,âPublic


Tammy Myers, Child Neglect

Aug. 17

Jordan Roberts, Warrant:âPetition to Revoke/Illegal Possession of Alcohol