The following are arrests made by the Howard County Sheriff's Department. All those arrested are innocent until proven guilty in a court of


Feb. 1

Nathaniel Orem, Warrant

James M. Bray, OWI

Feb. 2

Gary E. Bitner, Criminal Recklessness

Dustin D. Halupa, Warrant

Teresa K. Kiser, OWI

Marcas Bochman, OWI, Resisting Law Enforcement, Driving While Suspended

Feb. 3

Amy Greathouse, 26, OWI

Feb. 4

Matthew Memner, 44, Battery, Strangulation

Jesse Gunell, 25, Warrant: Non-Compliance with In-Home Detention

Christopher Shockney, 36, OWI

Feb. 5

Mathew Chriswell, 27, Domestic Battery

Joseph Sutherland, 32, Public Intoxication

Feb. 6

Carla Bruss, 37, Driving While Suspended with Priors

Jacob Karns, 22, Warrant: Failure to Appear

Feb. 7

Brittany England, Possession of Marijuana




The following are arrests made by the Kokomo Police Department. All those

arrested are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Jan. 31

Wendi S. Miller, Body Attachment

Feb. 1

Vaughn E. Schuessler, Public Intoxication, Resisting Law Enforcement

Feb. 2

Tracey L. Bogue, Invasion of Privacy

Rebecca E. Hagood, OWI, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance

Belinda A. Huffman, Theft

Jake B. Koon, Driving While Suspended, Warrant: Driving While Suspended (Tipton Co.),

Warrant: Failure to Appear/Resisting Law Enforcement

Uriah M. Guy, Possession of Marijuana

Jeremy Peterson, Warrant: Failure to Stop After an Accident Resulting in Non-Vehicle Damage

John E. Powell, Domestic Battery Strangulation, Domestic Battery

Elmer L. Spencer, Public Intoxication

Renetta K. Greene, Driving While Suspended

Feb. 3

Christopher J. Harding, Criminal Recklessness, Intimidation

Jerry R. Heath, OWI

Keyonna Killebrew, Public Intoxication, Child Neglect

Christy G. Lewis, Body Attachment

Stephen M. Reece, Disorderly Conduct, Battery

Christa L. Roe, Public Intoxication, Possession of a Controlled Substance

James E. Vogel, OWI

Feb. 4

Tony L. Clemons, Invasion of Privacy

Justin R. Graves, Public Intoxication

Benoni O. Ellis, Warrant: Child Solicitation

Kimberly D. Fort, Warrant: Failure to Appear/Resisting Law Enforcement, Public Intoxication

Travis L. Guy, Warrant: Failure to Appear/Theft (4 counts), Warrant: Theft, Receiving Stolen


Feb. 5

Laurice L. Corwin, Warrant: Driving While Suspended

Aysha C. Guffey, Warrant: Failure to Appear/Driving While Suspended, Warrant: Driving While


Jason E. Guffey, Warrant: Failure to Appear/OWI Endangering a Person, Warrant: Failure

to Appear/Check Deception

Christopher M. Sample, Warrant: Petition to Revoke Suspended Sentence/Public Intoxication

Phil D. Williams, Warrant: Failure to Appear/Criminal Trespass, Warrant: Failure to Appear/Public

Intoxication (2 counts)

Feb. 6

Torrey A. Snow, Warrant: Petition to Revoke Suspended Sentence/Burglary

Michael Adams, Invasion of Privacy, Possession of Marijuana

Mindy L. Donovan, Invasion of Privacy

Leonard B. Sims, Resisting Law Enforcement (2 counts), Driving While Suspended

Chineka A. Snow, Never Obtained a Driver's License

Feb. 7

George L. Denning, Habitual Traffic Violator for Life

Anthony M. Guzman, Public Intoxication

Terra K. Landrum, Resisting Law Enforcement with a Vehicle

Jessica R. Nester, Warrant: Aiding, Inducing or Causing Theft, Body Attachment (3 counts)

Jeffrey L. Arwood, Possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance

Cameron R. Dockerty, Warrant: Theft

Victor E. Galloway, Warrant: Body Attachment

Betty L. Jackson, Warrant: Theft

Sherman J. Jackson, Warrant: Theft

Rhonda S. Ridge, Public Intoxication

Feb. 8

Devaughn L. Thompson, Public Intoxication