With the majority of deer hunters who have made the transition to using trail cameras as one of the most valuable assets for pre-season scouting and for property security surveillance, there have been numerous companies making an appearance in the trail camera business,.

Recently, I noticed one company in particular that just started this past July. After I started reading information about their products, I was impressed instantly.

I contacted Scott Meyer, owner of Meyer Trail Cameras, based in Festus, Mo. Meyer told me he always had a passion for hunting and the outdoors. He stated that he also enjoyed using trail cameras and wanted to “be in the industry.” After years of filming hunts for the Sportman’s Channel, he decided to embark on the dream he had for opening his own company and venturing into the industry he loved.

Meyer said his new company was going to be “your go-to trail camera company.” The company specializes in quality and reliability, and Meyer said he stands behind his products. His cameras are backed by a two-year warranty. He also mentioned, “We want to help you put together your next hit list.” Meyer said he and his staff are there to bring their customers success in the field. Their cameras are compact and geared to be undetected, with absolutely “no glow.” Meyer Trail Cameras are reliable with very long battery life for those secluded spots you don’t want to go. They focus on customer service and make sure every customer is satisfied.

The folks at Meyer Trail Cameras have enjoyed the outdoors for many years, and they have used many different trail cameras over the years and have put together all of their favorite features to bring you closer to your game. After all, they consider trail cameras as the most important tool for scouting.

Currently, the Meyer Trail Camera company has three different models. The Meyer HL-2 has 34 LEDs and no glow flash that is positively undetectable to deer. It has long battery life, 10 MP for super clear photos, has quick setup, and is compact in design, not much larger than my cell phone. (I currently have one of these in the woods producing excellent photos day and night.)

They also have the Meyer HL-1 that also has 48 of the no-glow IR LEDs with long battery life, and it shoots 1080p video with sound and 12mp super-clear photos day and night. It also has a 2.4-inch color screen and the two-year warranty.

They just recently introduced the Meyer X-9 that is a true top-of-the-line product. It is also compact, waterproof, and has a 130-degree super wide angle lens for additional width of coverage for photos and video. It has a 78-foot range with audio and a tree bark camo cover and a two-foot color screen and trigger time of 0.7 seconds. (I just placed an order for the X-9 myself, and I am certain I will be 100 percent satisfied with it. I plan to own at least one of every model camera they offer.)

I must confess that, over the years, I have also used a number of the trail cameras available and some that went out of business after a brief attempt to compete on such a wide market industry. Many fell short on expectations, longevity, and customer service, but for the money, the quality, and reliability I have noticed in my Meyer Trail cameras, you seriously need to take a look at and consider a Meyer Trail camera.

You can contact them at: Meyer Trail Cameras, P.O. Box 428, Festus, Mo. 63028, email them at:, or visit their website at: They are also on Facebook at "Meyer Trail Cameras."