I just wanted to remind the Indiana deer hunters that the Indiana Department of Natural Resources sent out the 2018 Deer Hunting Surveys.

If you were one of the many who volunteered to participate in the survey by signing up at, be sure you read the questions carefully and make sure you understand before deciding your answer to the questions.

I received my survey questionnaire this morning, and I admit, there were some tricky questions. But I read each and every question thoroughly and considered the answers before I made my decisions. Even after I answered the questions, I went back over the questions at least four times before I hit the send button.

Will the questionnaire be worthwhile? I have no idea, but just accepting the word of the DNR for what it is worth, it is giving the hunter a chance to have a word in decisions made that will influence the future of Indiana deer hunting. I have been an avid deer hunter in the state of Indiana for 53 years now, and I have noticed a huge decline in deer numbers.

I am also one of the many deer hunters questioning the cause of why the deer population has decreased, and I wanted to have a say so in making the deer population what it used to be. My personal deer hunting career is in the 10th frame or rounding third and heading for home. I would like to be instrumental in making sure my grandkids and great-grandkids have deer to hunt and enjoy.

I have been involved in a number of deer hunting surveys over the years, and it seemed like they were for naught. I am always willing to continue striving for improvement in deer numbers and circumstances that effect those numbers, and I will continue to hopefully make a difference. I hope you will also.

If you are interested in taking future surveys, you can register at the DNR website at

If memory serves me correctly, I registered for the Deer Hunting Seminars shortly before the deer seasons started last Oct. 1. I would suggest contacting the DNR possibly in mid-August to September in the Deer Hunting section.

Once again, if you receive your 2018 Deer Hunting Survey, by all means, read it carefully and thoroughly and answer it wisely. Let them hear your opinion by being honest, and your answers could make a difference. It won’t hurt to make the attempt.