Josiah Price

After graduating from Michigan State University several weeks ago and leaving his name in the record books, Josiah Price is ready to do whatever is necessary to make his way to the NFL.

Price was an elite member of the Spartan family, with the most touchdown catches made by a tight end (21) and fourth among all players in school history. He also finished his career ranked third among Spartan tight ends in catches (104) and receiving yards (1,238). He was one of 25 players in program history to earn Academic All-Big Ten honors four times, and he received his bachelor’s degree in hospitality business.

Now, with two signed agents from Priority Sports, Mike McCarthy and Ben Hartsock, the team is ready to prepare Price for the road to the NFL. With several big unknowns still lingering over Price’s future, one thing is for sure. Price is fixing to be in the best shape of his life thus far.

With the NFL Combine and postseason all-star game invitations still yet to be sent, Price will be making his way to Bradenton, Fla., where he will train with the IMG Academy for two-and-a-half months.

The IMG Academy in Florida is designed to prepare football players for their next step. Price will focus on his individual improvement through one-on-one position training, while integrating performance programs that promote huge gains in power.

“It’s a huge process, and it’s something that a lot of people don’t understand. But now is the time to get ready for the unknown and prepare to my best ability,” said Price.

As for the road ahead, Price is rather calm, cool, and collected about the process. Comparing college football to the NFL he said, “The only difference is there is a little more talent in the pros, and guys are being paid millions of dollars to do so."

As for the work that goes into the training and academy, that is up to Price.

“I’m looking forward to getting down there and seeing the facility. Typically the sports agents have a few training facilities that they like to send their guys to, and they have had some success recently with IMG. I feel like it’s the best decision for me. At the end of the day the training facility isn’t going to do this or that, or give me a faster 40-yard dash time. It’s all about how much effort or discipline you’re going to put into the process,” said Price.

As for what is next after getting into the IMG Academy, Price hopes to land an invitation to the NFL Combine where Price would be tested on a number of physical exams. The invitations for the combine will be sent out the first two weeks of January. Though Price obviously wants to show good test results, he also hopes to earn the opportunity to be able to make it to the combine. Attending the combine does not make or break the NFL career, although it does cause a bit more stress as Price would then need to perform extremely well on his Michigan State pro day.

With the road to the NFL not being a straightened arrow, he will need the best results from the IMG Academy to put him over the top to be prepared for whatever may be next. For now all Price is concerned about is his training.

“IMG is all I have on my mind right now. Just going to go down there and get in the best shape of my life and prepare for the showcasing at the combine and at the pro day. There’s no magic formula. You just hope to have the best test of your life at the combine and the pro day. At the end of the day so much of it is out of my control. I’m just going to be the best Josiah Price I can be and let them decide,” said Price.

As for the past experiences at Michigan State University, Price is incredibly thankful for all the opportunities that were provided.

“I loved the four years at Michigan State. I made lifelong friends and had opportunities of a lifetime up there. I’ve been really thankful for all the support coming from my friends and family in Greentown and the Kokomo area. It’s really special coming from a small town,” said Price.