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The saying goes, you can’t please everyone. That certainly applies to auto manufacturers. Case in point, this week’s tester is the 2021 Lexus NX300h. This luxury compact SUV tries to accomplish a lot with such a small vehicle.

If you were asked to name the best-selling SUVs on the road today, would the Nissan Rogue spring to mind? But look around on America’s roads and you see a lot of these compact SUVs, and for good reason.

Today’s automotive world is full of highly competitive vehicles trying to one up each other. In doing so, so many makes and models have lost their personality in trying to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak. The end result is a gelatinous mush of crossover and SUVs that all kind of look the same.

You don’t often hear about supercars. And you definitely don’t see supercars very often on the road. These are the cars you dream of owning or being able to afford one day when you’ve “made it.” Supercars are mostly left to the daydreamers – unless you’re an automotive writer.