Churches provide more than you think

Value? The Howard County and Center Township assessors (as quoted in this paper) seem to believe that the only value of local churches is the money they might provide to the local city and county coffers. The Perspective furthers this belief by comparing the Crossroads Community Church local mission budget to their tax deduction and by criticizing churches offering of food or beverages to their congregants.

But the value of the local church lies far beyond its financial means and often cannot be seen on a spreadsheet or in government statistics.

VALUE! Study after study shows that people who are invested spiritually contribute in positive ways to the society in which they live, including better work habits, more self esteem and lower crime rates.

VALUE! Many churches seek to support marriages and family life, which in turn stabilizes the culture and society of the community.

VALUE! The people of the local church bodies go far beyond the financial contributions of their churches. They often choose to spend their hard-earned free time volunteering for local organizations and agencies. Some even give of their own finances to support local ministries, organizations and agencies.

As an active member of Crossroads Community Church, I can assure you that my family would NOT breakfast in any of the local establishments on a Sunday morning; although we do eat at the Café before attending the service.

While my children are teens and we do not use the child care, I would not hesitate to recommend the Crossroads daycare facility based on its cleanliness. As an active member of the church, I am sometimes in the wing used by the daycare and it is always clean and spotless.

There are other considerations as well - those involving the incursion of government into religious matters, but I will leave those arguments up to scholars more versed than I!

Your paper has done a grave disservice to the local churches who contribute so much more to this community than you (and the political officials you quote) would lead us to believe.

Stephanie Berghoff,


Taylor Senior class of 2007 says thanks

The Taylor Senior Class of 2007 would like to thank all the businesses that donated to the senior fling. The generosity was greatly appreciated which made the senior fling a huge success. We would also like to thank all the parents that donated their, money and items.

Thanks to:

Absolute Accessorize, Above the Rest Salon, Advance Auto, Applebee's, Arby's, Auto Zone, Avis Nails, Backyard BBQ, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Big Lots, Burger King, Button Motors, Casey's General Store, Cedar Crest Bowling Lanes, CFD Investments, Chaplin's Auto Care, Chili's, Chris Williams of State Farm, Chuck Jansen, City Tire, Club Fitness 24, Coca Cola, Country Choice Meats, Courtyard by Marriott, Critter Corner, Culver's, Dan Stiles, Don Pancho Villa, Dr. & Mrs. Gohil, Dairy Queen, Engels Jewelry, Erik's, Extreme Ice Cream, Family Video, Fazoli's, Gold Fever, Goody's, Grand Design, Great Clips, H.H. Gregg's, Grindstone Charley's, Hacienda, Hayes Bros. Construction, Hong Kong Buffet, IKE Designs, Incredible Kitchens & Baths, Heartland Credit Union, Jamie's Soda Fountain, KeyBank, Kohl's, Kroger, Kokomo Auto World, Kokomo Car Wash, Kokomo Cinema, Kokomo Raceway, Lids, Living Water, Lunar Golf, Malibu Tan, Mancino's, Mane Attraction, Marsh, Matt Kodrea, Maurice's, McAlister's, McGonigals, Meijer, Mike's Car Wash, Miles & Finch, Movie Gallery, Nickel's Bakery, Olive Garden, OP Shop, Outback, Palmer's Jewelry, Papa John's, Kokomo Perspective, Pizza Hut, Qdoba's, R&R Heating and Cooling, Radio Shack, Reflections, Roby's Bullseye Boats, Rozzi's Cafe, Sanburn Sports, Schwartz Group, Scoops, Second Time Around Sports, Shine 99, Shoe Carnival, Solidarity Community Federal Credit Union, Solutions, Speedway, Staples, Starbucks, Stites Cleaners, Stricklers, St. Joseph Hospital, Subway, Sycamore Cottage, Taylor Township Fire Dept.,Tark's Pizza, Terrace Plaza Barber Shop, Texas Roadhouse, Jay's Thai Cuisine, The Gallery, Things Remembered, Transmission Builders Credit Union, Tropic Tan, Wal-Mart, Williams Shoes, The Windmill Grill, Young's Culligan, and No. 1 Nails.

Thanks to all.

Taylor Senior Fling Committee

Servicemen and women pay the price

As the wife of an Air Force pilot, sister and cousin of Army soldiers, granddaughter and cousin of Navy seamen, I found the Perspective article "Blood and Treasure" very disturbing. Military members don't make very much money. They go for months on end without seeing their families and the day to day conveniences we take for granted. All the while hoping they make ends meet and that everything is OK on the homefront. On top of it all they are asked to put their lives on the line every day. Why? Not so we can continue with the war in Iraq, rather so that we, as a nation, can be free. Free to speak our minds and complain about the money spent to ensure they can fight for our protection, but most importantly free to get an education, have any job we choose, and go home to our beds every night knowing that tomorrow will be a better day.

There have been times I told my husband everything was alright just so he could make it through. Every month we wonder how we are going to pay the bills. And every time my husband's plane takes off or my brother deploys, I pray they will come home. Each night when I lay my head on my nice soft pillow, I know that the soldiers in Iraq are laying on the hard ground and haven't had a shower in days, but they aren't complaining. They carry out their duties willingly. And I stand behind them and beside them no matter what the cost, locally or nationally. Because tomorrow when I wake up I will still be living in a free nation.

Stephanie Akins,


Goodnight has the vision for the future

Thank you Mr. (Greg) Goodnight, for hosting the recent golf outing at the American Legion Post 6.

It gave people a chance to voice their concerns over the issues faced by this community: questions of budget cuts in funding some services here in the community; concerns about economic development; and concerns about what it will take to get this commuinity back on track. I noticed the topic of conversation expressed by most of those I spoke with had to do with the current adminstration's wasteful spending, and the mismanagement of taxpayer money.

Another thing I found surprising about Mr. Goodnight was his openness and frankness concerning questions directed at him. He, Mr. Goodnight, was not afraid to admit that he did not know something - unlike most politicians, who would have said what they thought someone wanted to hear. People want honest answers to their questions, and if you don't know, then just be up front about it and say so. People would respect them a lot more.

It is about time the people of this community step up and elect leadership that will put the community's welfare first. Leadership that understands what accountability means and will work for the betterment of the whole community. Someone that will listen to all sides of an issue before making decisions, and will work with the council and not act like a dictator.

There are no quick fixes here, and the issues faced by the Kokomo Common Council will require making some tough decisions in the days to come.

We need leadership that has a clear plan to develop programs of economic delelopment, deal with the matters of public safety and reduce operating costs.

I think that Greg Goodnight is the man to provide that leadership.

Keep up the great work, Greg. Working together we can change things for a brighter future.

C. Demetrius Thompson,


I'll be dog gone

What has this world come to? A man can go to prison, lose his respect, even his job over the treatment of a d-o-g?

While child abusers, women abusers and etc. walk our streets daily with little or no outcry from John Q. Public? I'll be dog gone!

I believe in animal rights. Your dog or whatever pet you have should be protected. Should this apply to all animals?

Example: If a dog bites you or a family member or perhaps a neighbor, what is your first thought? Kill it or give it a big and kiss and say "Sparkie, behave"? I'll be dog gone!

How many dogs does our Humane Society kill each year because nobody wants them? I'll be dog gone!

I am not trying to justify mistreatment of animals. I believe in obeying the laws. You know, "Taking a bite out of crime."

However, this bite about dog fights is too much of bite. Finally, my friends, Philippians 3:2 says, "Watch out for those dogs. Those men who do evil. Nobody wants to be called 'a dog.' "

By the way, I love dogs, especially hot dogs. I know some of you readers would like to bite my head off. Isn't that a little bit doggish? I'll be dog gone.

Don Shack,


Angels for Kids a big success this year

I want to thank everyone who helped make this year's Angels for Kids another success.

I want to thank Stella's for letting us use their bar for the poker run and for all the special fundraising events that took place there.

A big thanks goes out to all the people who rode their bikes in the poker run and came to Stella's and donated to help raise over $4,800 for Angels for Kids.

Angels for Kids was established in 2000. The intent of this non-profit charitable organization was to establish within the community a bereavement program for children whose family members were suffering from a terminal illness or had recently passed away.

Because of the money raised by Angels for Kids, we are able to be one of the chief sponsors of the Guardian Angel Hospice Foundation's Camp Angel. This camp invites kids who have lost a person close to them to attend a bereavement camp known as Camp Angel at no charge. In addition to helping raise money for the camp, I am also one of the Camp Angel volunteers.

Thanks again to everyone who volunteered or donated money for the cause.

Thanks to these businesses and people who donated items or services for Angels for Kids:

Buckhorn Tavern, The Wonder Bar, Curve Inn, Down on Main St., UAW Local 685, Panda Van, Oasis, C&S Meats, Scotty's Bar & Grill, McDonalds, Midnight Riders, Milwaukee Iron, Economy Glass, Sherry Polito Olinger, Mid-Central Trophy, RC Avon, Non-Stop Advertising, Starbucks, Warren's Advertising, Steak & Shake, FOP Lodge 78, Do It Up, North End produce, Cilff Bolton, Sonny Pressey, Studio 520, Kokomo Auto World, Dairy Queen, and National Wine & Spirit.

We will see you next year.

Mike Mehling,

Angels for Kids

Veterans say thanks for your support

We would like to thank the following businesses and volunteer for helping to make our Poker Run From the Heart such a great success. We were able to raise $5,000 to continue our packages to the troops.

We were also very surprised to have two of our solders that were on leave in attendance. So many were surprised that we had a National Cemetery in Indiana at the Marion V.A., and remarked how emotional it was to see the cost of war. Thank you to:

WWKI, Kokomo Perspective, Sir Speedy, Stone's Harley Davidson of Marion, Kokomo Harley Davidson, Brant's Harley Davidon Wabash, King's Heating & Plumbing Kokomo, Brian's Army Surplus Greentown, Mike Mullins, Mike Anderson Dodge Marion, Ride & Leather Jonesboro, Vets Don't Forget Boston, Club 14 Peru, McCord's Car Wash, Pat Baer Gordon Food Services, Soldiers Angels, Poor Johns, Coca Cola Kokomo, ADI Kokomo, Full Tilt band, CRB band, Saints band, Stacey Donelson, IHOP Kokomo, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Robison, Mr. and Mrs. James Speicher, Greeks Pizzeria Kokomo, Harvey Hinklemeyers Peru, Hair Dynamics, Lisa's Scissor Shack Kokomo, American Legion Post #6, American Legion Post #313, American Legion Post #15, The O'Conner family and Kokomo Speedway, Lincoln Square Resturant Kokomo, Half Moon Brewery Kokomo, Subway Kokomo, Marine recruiters Kokomo, Navy recruiters Kokomo, Army recruiters Kokomo, Air Force recruiters Kokomo, John Crow Lexi's Drink Barn Kokomo, Roger Vincent Farms, Ryan Allbaugh Farms, Mark Frey TDM Farms, April Stuttle, Mr. Marshall/National Cemetary, Jeff's Barber Shop Kokomo, Wonder Bread Kokomo, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ames, and the Kokomo Tribune.

We also want to send a big thank you to Beth Love and all of her crew at Scotty's Bar for all they did to make this such a great success. We will see you again next year for the second annual Poker Run for the Troops 2008. We will continue to send packages for as long as this war continues. We can be reached at

Montana Speicherweimer, financial secretary

Veterans for a Better Community