Northwestern School Corporation’s wind turbine is scheduled for arrival the week of June 4. The turbine will be located on the main campus in the agricultural field south of Northwestern High School at 3431 North, 400 West, an area that boasts a natural wind resource capable to support the utility-grade wind turbine project.

Spectators are welcome to view the vertical erection of the turbine from a designated viewing area in the grass just south of Northwestern High School. Temporary seating will be available on June 6 and 7, the days scheduled for installation of the tower, nacelle, and blades. For safety purposes, spectators are asked to park only in the asphalt parking lots south of the High School and Middle School and then move to and stay in the designated spectator area. Any change in the installation schedule will be posted on the school corporation web site.

The proposed plan calls for one 322-foot high, 3-blade wind turbine to be installed on the south side of school property in the agricultural field. Electricity generated from the 900 kilowatt turbine will directly power the school through a net metering installation. The revenue generated will benefit the school’s budget by offsetting approximately 70% of current utility costs and $7 million in energy savings over the 25-year project life.

Northwestern School Corporation is fortunate to have a natural wind resource and utilizing that resource will allow the school corporation to become more self-sufficient in managing energy costs today and well into the future. Northwestern will utilize $2.3 million in Clean Renewable Energy Bonds awarded in 2009 to help finance the project. Excavation for the foundation commenced on April 5th, 2012. The turbine base is now installed and ready for the turbine to be erected. The tower components and turbine blades are scheduled to arrive and be erected the week of June 4. The scheduled date for raising the blades is June 7. The date could be influenced by transportation dynamics and weather conditions.