Last week Indiana Second Congressional District spoiler Jackie Walorski received an endorsement that will play big with her core base. Sarah Palin, the former Alaskan governor and vice-presidential candidate, used the 90th anniversary of the ratification to endorse several female candidates:

"Jackie Walorski will make an excellent representative of Indiana's 2nd Congressional District, having been born and raised there and serving as a state representative for the past five years. She knows the people, she knows the issues that matter to them, and most importantly, she knows what she stands for - limited government, fiscal restraint, and a proper respect for our Constitution. The incumbent Democrat she's running against has already launched his first attack ad against her, so I hope you'll join me in standing with Jackie. She truly knows what public service means. Please visit her website at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter." - Palin

Joe Donnelly obviously though that there are enough Palin haters in the second that he could use it to raise money for his campaign. In an email blast he send out yesterday he asked his supporters to help counteract the support from "Palin and her crew."

"Dear Friends,

The campaign season is in full swing and we're hard at work, knocking on doors and making phone calls to tell voters there are high stakes in this race.

It's also the season for political figures to enter the fray and endorse candidates in races nationwide. Last week, Sarah Palin endorsed Jackie Walorski in the Second District Congressional race. You can be sure that with this endorsement, the Walorski campaign will receive strong financial support from Palin and her crew.

As you may know, Jackie was a member of the Palin "Truth Squad" in 2008. Jackie said she joined the group " defend the vicious attacks from the liberal media against Gov. Sarah Palin."

We've heard this divisive rhetoric from Jackie before. However, it's not doing anything to help the hard-working families of north central Indiana.

Will you help our campaign by donating $50, $100, $250 or more today?

Besides Palin's endorsement, our campaign is also fighting back against the special interest groups coming in to the district. Recently, Americans for Prosperity, a group that is funded by rich Republicans, dropped thousands of dollars on a smear ad meant to distort my work in Congress. Additionally, the National Republican Party announced it will put $21 million into the national elections, including right here in Indiana's Second.

Help me fight back against Sarah Palin and the special interests working to defeat me. Please support the campaign with a donation of $50, $100, $250 or more today.

Thank you again for your time, your work and all of your support." - Donnelly

Either Walorski made some gains in August for Joe to be pushing so hard, or maybe the claim by Donnelly's campaign on August 6 that Walorski was trailing by 17 points was less than accurate.