Today, Congressman Joe Donnelly announced that the US House of Representatives approved his request for federal funding for the Kokomo YMCA.

As part of the Transportation-Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Bill, the committee appropriated $100,000 for the repair and rehabilitation of the YMCA in Kokomo, Indiana.

"The Kokomo Family YMCA is an anchor of the local community serving over 2000 residents by providing a number of services including child care, after-school programs, youth sports, and swimming lessons," Donnelly said. "But, the current facility operates out of a 100-year-old building and is in desperate need of repair. Making repairs to and improving the facility would help to ensure that the YMCA will be able to continue to serve the public for years to come."

The House of Representatives has finished its initial consideration of each of the 12 appropriations bills that would fund the agencies and operations of the federal government for Fiscal Year 2008. The spending bills are now pending before the Senate. In order for them to become law, the Senate and House must pass identical bills, and if that does not happen, a compromise negotiated between the House and Senate called a "conference report" must be voted on by both bodies. Each appropriations bill must then be signed into law by the president.