Today, Congressman Joe Donnelly wrote a letter to members of the supercommittee asking them to address our country's complicated job crisis without adding to the deficit.

"Too many families in Indiana and across the country are struggling to put food on the table and pay their bills each month because mom, dad, or both can't find work," said Donnelly. "I cannot think of a more pressing issue than the economic future of our country, and I decided the best way to get results was to encourage this bipartisan group of lawmakers to generate a plan that would get Americans back to work and protect the jobs we already have.

"The best opportunity for getting anything done in Congress this calendar year is through the supercommittee's work. Their recommendations are guaranteed to receive an up-or-down vote in both chambers-something that is increasingly difficult to achieve in this hyper-partisan environment."

In the letter, Donnelly outlined his suggestions for job creation. While not a comprehensive list of initiatives he supports, Donnelly offered the following:

· establishing tax incentives for businesses that hire and retain workers,

· better connecting skilled workers with the employers who need them through his AMERICA Works Act,

· leveling the playing field for American manufacturers by cracking down on Chinese currency manipulation with The Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act,

· going all-in on American energy production to keep our energy dollars here at home, and

· investing in infrastructure to support short- and long-term economic growth.

Donnelly also asserted that as the supercommittee simultaneously works on deficit reduction, every initiative to create jobs must be paid for.