Posh Salon gave the gift of makeover magic to four women last week for its annual holiday makeovers. The salon typically performs one or two makeovers but decided to up the ante this year.

“Every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas we choose one to two models that we provide a makeover on. This year the stylists chose to raise the bar and provide makeovers on four models,” said salon owner Lindsay Pyle. “The stylists enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to give back to the community.”

This year’s models were Shirley Loges, Kelly TenBrook, Jennifer Haworth, and Samantha Tolley-Branch.

The models were given new hair colors, cuts, and styles, and a full makeup application by Posh’s Ashley York over a three-hour period. At the end of it, all four women were happy with their new look.

Stylist Tia Green made over Loges, going with a darker color than Loges’ light blonde, which matched closer to her natural color.

“We added some dimensional highlights and lowlights in there using a Level 7 to keep it really close to her natural color,” Green said. “Then we went back and rooted her base to blend out her gray, and then we trimmed up her hair, added some layers through there, and then gave her a nice loose wave to finish her out.”

For Tolley-Branch, a working mom, she wanted a low-maintenance cut and style. Stylist Perri Acord took that into consideration and went with a pixie cut.

“We gave her a rich, copper brown with some warm red, gold, and blond highlights,” she said. “I cut it off in the back and shaped her up to give her a feminine neckline.”

Tolley-Branch said the short cut wasn’t a shock to her, as she’s had much shorter hair.

“I really like this,” she said. “I think it looks good.”

TenBrook was another who requested a low-maintenance look. Stylist Katie Sanders gave TenBrook that with an easy-to-curl bob with fresh color.

“I just went in and hand painted pieces and broke it down into an ombre, and we glazed her with a warm golden color,” she said.

Haworth’s makeover, performed by stylist Lisa Anderson, was the most dramatic with 10 inches being cut off.

Haworth said the new look made her feel like a new person.

“I love it. I feel younger and lighter, like 100 percent,” she said, adding that it had been about a year since she had a haircut.

Anderson said it was the layers and highlights around Haworth’s face that subtracted years from her look.

“That’s why we did the layers and some of the lighter highlights around her face to complement her skin tone. She said she felt younger and lighter, so that’s what those airy layers do,” she said.

The stylists got to choose a person for their makeover. Anderson said she chose Haworth, who’s a client, because she knew she hadn’t been able to come in for a haircut in a while.

“When I found out I was going to be doing one of the makeovers, [Haworth] immediately came to my mind because she hasn’t been able to come in for a while. I saw her recently and saw she hadn’t had anything done to her hair. She’s such a kind, giving person to so many people throughout the year that I really wanted to bless her with just a special day for herself,” she said.

Pyle said offering the free makeovers is one of her favorite events of the year.

“The models are happy to feel beautiful before the holidays and enjoy the day of pampering,” she said.

Once again, Posh Salon was chosen by Salon Today Magazine, a leading magazine within the salon industry, as one of the Top 200 salons in the United States. Pyle will travel to New Orleans in February to receive the award and share successful business practices among the top 200 salon owners.

Pyle said she’s honored to be selected for the second year in a row.

“This is a huge honor for both myself and the whole Posh team. I am very proud of the dedication to education that our team shows. We’ve all worked hard to achieve this great award,” she said.

Pyle said she hopes to bring back fresh ideas following the trip to New Orleans after getting to know the other salon owners and what works best in their salons.

“There’s always something new to learn, and to be able to help my staff learn more, earn more, and live better is the most rewarding gift of all,” she said.