Sexual predator Jerry Sandusky will spend the rest of his life in jail, and he deserves every day of it. The school president, the athletic director, assistant coaches, and everyone who had any knowledge about Sandusky’s actions and did nothing should be prosecuted, and if found guilty, should be put in jail for as long as the law allows.

The $60 million fine to the university should have been $200 million -- three years’ worth of football profits -- with all of the money going to programs to help with abuse victims. And the NCAA should punish itself for creating this big money, win at all costs environment.

The other penalties handed down by the NCAA only hurt people who had nothing to do with this. The student body -- young men and women paying huge tuitions -- are losing part of the college experience. The local businesses -- mom and pop shops -- that use the revenue generated by the football program to survive will struggle to provide jobs, give to charity, and support the tax base. They will lose their businesses in some cases.

The players of past teams, who did nothing wrong, saw their hard work and dedication eliminated by vacating all of their wins. And why do the current players deserve punishment? They did nothing wrong, yet their program is gutted.

The local community which looks forward to the football season each year loses as well. I am sure that for many of them, football is the most enjoyment they have all year, but they won’t have it for many years. What did they do to deserve this?

The NCAA can sit back and act like it did its job, but in reality, it failed again. It punished the wrong people. It always does.

Ask the real casualties at Ohio State, Miami, Fla., Southern Cal. The list goes on and on. At least this time the bad people will be in jail, no thanks to the NCAA.

Several years ago, Howard County had a similar situation with a sitting judge and an underage boy. After the arrest of the judge, many people in our criminal justice system said they knew it was going on.

If that was true, they should have been sent to jail, too.