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Michael Hart: Letters to the Editor


Democratic bill will exacerbate inflation

Millions of Americans are upset with the direction the Democrats are taking our country. From our open southern border to the Afghanistan debacle, voters have had enough.

Every day the Biden administration has a new lame-brained idea. The Biden administration wants to pay $450,000 to illegal aliens who were separated from their families at the border. I would like to remind everyone they were illegally crossing into our country. They broke the law. Everyday Americans are separated from their families when they break the law. But Biden wants to pay illegal alien families taxpayer money for breaking our laws. Sometimes I find myself yelling at the TV over this lunacy.

We do not want our schools to teach divisive indoctrination. Teach true American history — the good and the bad — and stop pitting one group of people against another.

The cost of everything is skyrocketing, and the Democrats want to exacerbate the problem. These financial geniuses (not!) want to pass the mega Biden Build Back Better Bill. This bill is a liberal, socialist wish list by radical politicians who feel their time in power is short because of the midterm elections next year. Because of Democrat fuzzy math, this bill will probably be more like $4 trillion. But don’t worry, President Biden says, this bill will cost zero dollars. If this statement from our doddering president doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

There is a reason a derogatory chant about the president is so popular. Millions of American believe “Let’s go, Brandon” expresses their frustration of where Biden and the Democrats are taking our country.

Michael Hart, Kokomo