Three jail employees were ousted from the Howard County Sheriff’s Department for unknown reasons.

Last week, Howard County Sheriff Jerry Asher confirmed that three jail employees were fired all at once. He declined to elaborate on the circumstances of those firings, but, according to Indiana law, he’s required to. An information request is pending with the county.

Asher was willing to confirm that the firings came after an internal investigation and that the firings occurred on Feb. 6 and 7.

“Basically, we had an internal investigation,” said Asher. “We did have three people that no longer work here. As of this moment there are no criminal [charges].”

The key detail, in terms of public access, was that the individuals were fired rather than resigning. According to Indiana’s Open Door laws, when employees of government agencies are acted upon by their employer, then the public can be made privy to the facts surrounding that action.

The law states “the factual basis for a disciplinary action in which final action has been taken and that resulted in the employee being suspended, demoted, or discharged” is subject to a public information request.

When the information request is fulfilled, more details will be released by the Kokomo Perspective.