The following information about people directly associated with Richard Schwartz was gleaned from public records searches and is not an exhaustive account of the individuals, nor of Schwartz’s known associates.

Tennis Guyer

Guyer has been employed at The Schwartz Group since September 2002. He was registered as a broker for New York Life Securities from January 2003 until March 2006. He has not been registered as a broker through FINRA to sell insurance or annuities since that date.

There are no complaints or disciplinary actions against Guyer.

Currently, Guyer resides in Kokomo and operates out of The Schwartz Group’s Kokomo office. He is a professional golfer and travels to golf courses around the country for competitions and for meetings and rounds of golf with Schwartz’s current and prospective clients. In 2009 and 2010, Guyer was a member of the Indiana Golf Association team champions.

Last week, Guyer attempted to refute some of the information published in the Perspective concerning Schwartz.

“Pat, you should make sure Mr. (Don) Crouch is telling the truth before you print his claims,” wrote Guyer.

A second posting by Guyer alleged that he had never played poker as alleged in an article in the June 19 edition. Also, he claimed that Peyton and Archie Manning never appeared at a Schwartz function and that the birthday party for Schwartz’s son did have the Indianapolis Colts mascot present, but that no Colts players attended the party.

These postings were later deleted.

Don Crouch

Crouch was an independent insurance agent working in Carmel, Ind., when he met Rich Schwartz. He joined The Schwartz Group in August 2003 as Certified Senior Advisor. He parted ways with Schwartz in September 2006 to continue operating as Crossroads Financial Group, which does business in Carmel and Kokomo.

Crouch began his insurance career in 1989 in Peoria, Ill., and relocated to Indiana around the time that he affiliated with Schwartz. He has been registered as a broker with Metropolitan Life, Allstate Financial Securities, New York Life, and ING Financial Partners.

Crouch was cited on a customer complaint on Sept. 12, 2008, in which it was alleged that he sold an equity indexed annuity and a variable annuity to a client which were inappropriate for her age and income needs. The alleged damages from the complaint were $127,933.10.

Crouch and ING Financial Partners settled with the client on Jan. 7, 2009, for $21,050.85, with $10,000 of that amount coming from Crouch. According to ING, the settlement was reached without admitting wrongdoing for the purposes of avoiding lengthy and costly legal proceedings. Crouch’s registration as a broker for ING lapsed in August 2009.

A divorce between Crouch and his ex-wife, Bernadette Buckley, took a turn in January 2011 when Crouch was cited for indirect contempt of court and ordered to complete 40 hours of community service. The penalty was ordered due to Crouch’s failure to maintain and deliver items to Buckley as part of the divorce decree.

Currently, Crouch serves as the director of sales and marketing for the Kokomo Herald. He was approached by the Perspective for comment, but declined.

Tony Popejoy

Tony Popejoy was sentenced to 37 months in prison in 2010 by U.S. District Judge William T. Lawrence following his guilty pleas to attempted possession with intent to distribute more than 500 grams of cocaine and possession with intent to distribute less than 500 grams of cocaine. This case was the result of an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Drug Task Force.

Popejoy financed the purchase of one kilogram of cocaine with the intent of selling the cocaine and using the proceeds to finance a gambling operation. Unfortunately for Popejoy, the person with whom he partnered in the transaction began to cooperate with law enforcement. Popejoy was arrested on May 1, 2008, when he took possession of just less than one-half kilogram of cocaine.

According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Joe H. Vaughn, who prosecuted the case for the government, Judge Lawrence also imposed three years’ supervised release following Popejoy’s release from prison. During the period of supervised release, Popejoy will be under the supervision of the United States District Court. Popejoy was also sentenced to pay a $7,500 fine.

At the time of Popejoy’s arrest, he was apprehended while driving a SUV owned by Richard Schwartz and was living in a home owned by Schwartz. Additionally, Schwartz allegedly posted bond for Popejoy after his arrest.

Brielle (Cotterman) Schwartz

Mrs. Indiana in 2006 and third runner up for Miss Indiana 2005, the former Brielle Cotterman worked as a real estate agent for Re-MAX and as a private banker for Salin Bank before joining The Schwartz Group.

Cotterman divorced her husband, Scott Walls, in 2009 and married Schwartz soon after. She is not registered as a broker through FINRA, however, she is the owner of a number of limited liability corporations: Field of Dreams Farm in Simpsonville, Ky.; Legacy Equine of Kokomo; Legacy Equestrian of Kokomo; and Legacy Estate Planning Institute of Kokomo. The three Kokomo companies share an address with The Schwartz Group.

She also is a member of R&B Property Ventures of Scottsdale, Ariz., and B&R Property Ventures of Scottsdale.

Cotterman lists herself as a “World’s Champion Equestrian” in connection with Legacy Equestrian Center, which encompasses the horse farms in Scottsdale and Simpsonville.

She was named as a co-defendant in the April 2013 lawsuit initiated by former Seattle Seahawks quarterback David Krieg against Schwartz.

Bernadette (Crouch) Buckley

Buckley was employed by The Schwartz Group from August 2009 until December 2012 and was married to fellow Schwartz employee Don Crouch until August 2010. Buckley started with Crossroads Financial Group in 1996 in Peoria, Ill., and followed her husband to Kokomo. She continued to work for Crossroads in Kokomo from 2003 until August 2008. Buckley has never been registered as a broker with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Buckley worked for one year -- August 2008 to August 2009 -- for Innovative Orthodontics, a business owned by Sigrid Schwartz.

Buckley has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy twice in the past four years -- once on March 26, 2009, and again on May 9, 2011. Both of these cases were dismissed.

A total of five state and federal tax liens have been placed on Buckley. Four of these took place between July 2007 and September 2008. The responsibility for payment of these delinquencies -- $6,279 in state taxes and $8,434 in federal taxes -- was conferred upon Don Crouch as part of the divorce proceedings between the couple. These liens are still outstanding. A fifth delinquency -- $272 in state taxes -- was placed as a lien on March 12, 2012. It also is outstanding.

Buckley currently is employed by Freedom Staffing in Indianapolis and New England Securities, part of the Financial Partners Group.

Dave McFatridge

McFatridge was employed by The Schwartz Group from May 2008 until December 2012, working out of the company’s Carmel and Kokomo offices. He was registered as a broker with New York Life Securities until March 2012 when the company broke all ties with The Schwartz Group.

McFatridge then became a broker with AXA Advisors along with Schwartz until he left the company in December. He is currently not registered as a broker, according to FINRA.

Prior to his affiliation with Schwartz, McFatridge was an executive with Kokomo Gas & Fuel and was employed by that company from May 1976 until its purchase in March 2006. He also serves as a board member of Community First Bank from its inception.

There are no complaints or disciplinary actions against McFatridge.

Matt Kodrea

Kodrea is currently employed at The Schwartz Group and has been a part-time broker with the company since February 2006. He was registered with New York Life Securities until March 2012 when the company broke all ties with The Schwartz Group personnel.

Kodrea became a broker with AXA Advisors LLC in March 2012, along with Schwartz. He has no professional violations. Kodrea connected to Schwartz following an employment stint from April 2005 until February 2006 with Fortune Management.

Walt Pulley

Pulley began working for The Schwartz Group in June 2006, soliciting business for New York Life Securities from the group’s Carmel office. He operated out of the Kokomo office from April 2009 until March 2012, when New York Life ended its affiliation with Schwartz.

Pulley remains listed as an employee of New York Life to the present date. However, at no time was he registered through FINRA as a broker for that company. He has not been a FINRA registered broker since 1996.

There are no complaints or disciplinary actions against Pulley.

Sigrid (Madding) Schwartz

Dentist Sigrid Schwartz was married to Richard Schwartz for several years, but never was employed by The Schwartz Group. She currently lives in Scottsdale, Ariz.