The HCSO dispatch has received several calls over the past few weeks in regards to an on-going telephone scam.

The scammer is identifying themselves as Captain Jordan Buckley of the Howard County Sheriff’s Office and is either soliciting for a made-up cause or informs the person that they are wanted, have missed court, or some other fictitious reason. Usually, the scammer requests payment in the form of gift cards or western union transfers.

There have been multiple people who have fallen victim to this scam, and thousands of dollars have been lost, according to the sheriff’s office.

Initially, this scam was thought to be localized to the Howard County area. However, this week, the Howard County Sheriff’s Office received reports from Ft. Wayne and Plainfield of the same thing happening in their jurisdictions. Neither Buckley nor anyone from the HCSO will call and request money or gift cards for any reason, according to a release from the department. This includes donations, arrest warrants, tax warrants, etc.

The release stated that although 99.9 percent of these scams are foreign-based and difficult for law enforcement, those who are affected still are encouraged to call local law enforcement or the HCSO at 765-457-1105 and report the occurrences.