salary bump

Teachers within Northwestern School Corporation (NSC) will receive hefty pay raises as part of their new contract.

Last week the school corporation announced the ratification of a contract with the Northwestern Classroom Education Association (NCEA). The two-year contract was ratified during a school boarding meeting last Thursday, and the contract entailed a 10-percent raise for teachers over the course of its two-year period.

“We have to be able to compete to hire and retain the best teachers. We want to be able to provide a package that will attract young teachers entering the field,” said NSC Superintendent Kristen Bilkey.

The new contract entails a 6.3 percent, on average, raise for teachers during the first year of the contract. During the second year, teachers will receive another 3.4 percent average salary bump.

Additionally, both the corporation and teachers agreed on an additional 2-percent increase in insurance benefits.

According to a release, the first year of the contract will move the average teacher pay in the district to $49,401. Meanwhile, the second year of the contract focuses on beginning teacher salaries while also providing raises for returning teachers. Beginning teacher salaries will jump 11 percent, from $36,000 to $40,000. The average teacher salary within the school corporation will move to nearly $51,000 during the 2020-2021 school year.