Marcus Stone

According to court documents, the 2018 murder of Keith Jewell occurred as the result of a robbery gone wrong.

Until last week, the probable cause affidavit concerning the charging of Marcus Stone, 21, for the December murder of Keith Jewell, 50, and shooting of Jon Whitehead, 55, remained sealed. But last week the prosecutor’s office unsealed the documents, which showed what investigators believe occurred the night Stone allegedly killed Jewell and severely wounded Whitehead.

The probable cause affidavit rehashed much of what already was publicly known about the events of Dec. 9. During the early morning hours of that day, Kokomo Police Department officers were dispatched to the 500 block of West Monroe Street in reference to gunshots. There, they discovered Jewell dead at the scene with 9mm shell casings around his body. His cause of death, as later determined by a coroner, was a gunshot wound to the back of the head. His wallet also was missing.

Minutes later, officers were dispatched to the 1100 block of North Lindsay Street in reference to a second shooting. There, they learned Whitehead had been shot as well by a suspect who stole his car. Whitehead survived.

Investigators’ first break in the case came on Jan. 16 when Monica Davis of Kentucky called the police department. She claimed to be a cousin of Stone’s, and said she was in town for Christmas when Stone asked her to take him back to Kentucky with her. According to a probable cause affidavit, the pair left Kokomo for Kentucky on Dec. 26, and after Stone had been staying with her for several weeks she told investigators he told her “he couldn’t go back to Kokomo because he hurt someone.” Allegedly Davis questioned Stone, who admitted he “tried to rob a guy and shot him.” Court documents indicated Stone also told Davis he ran from the shooting and “found a car with a guy in it,” and he “jacked the guy for the car and shot him in the face.” Stone allegedly told his cousin he didn’t know why he did it, but he had been taking “xanie bars.”

Davis also told police Stone confided in her that his girlfriend, Auriel Nicholson, who lived near where Whitehead’s stolen vehicle was eventually recovered, had burned the clothes Stone wore during the robberies.

Police also interviewed Nicholson, and according to court documents she denied any knowledge of the murder, attempted murder, or the burning of Stone’s clothes.

On Feb. 24 Stone was arrested for multiple warrants and taken to the Howard County jail. In early March, KPD investigators were contacted by a local attorney who claimed her client, Tomaj Stitts, had information on the case.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Stitts told investigators that Stone “confided in him and admitted to shooting Keith Jewell and Jon Whitehead.” Stitts claimed Stone told him he was walking to a woman’s residence near Northwest Park when he saw a man walking down the street.

“Stone said he tried to rob the man, but the man fought with him,” Stitts allegedly told officers. “Stone said he ran from the shooting and continued toward [the] female’s residence near Northwest Park when he observed a man sitting in a car. Stone said he tried to rob the man of his car, and during the robbery, he shot the man in the face. Stone told Stitts he couldn’t believe the man didn’t die after being shot in the face.”

Stitts claimed Stone told him that he had driven the man’s car to the area of Penny Saver, near where Whitehead’s car eventually was recovered. Stitts also told investigators that Stone’s roommate, Anton Matthews, rummaged through the vehicle and that his DNA could be found in the car.

Investigators used that information to interview Matthews, who told investigators that Stone returned to their apartment around 3 or 4 a.m. on Dec. 9, and he “appeared to be scared as if he did something bad and had a handgun.” Matthews allegedly told investigators Stone informed him he had a car “but didn’t say where he got the car from,” and he corroborated Stitts’ claim that he went through the vehicle when he told investigators he “rummaged through the car looking for anything of value.”

Court documents indicated Matthews also told investigators Stone he had shot someone, fled the scene, and then shot another man while trying to steal his vehicle.

Stone remains incarcerated in the Howard County jail without bond, and he faces charges of murder, attempted murder, and robbery resulting in serious bodily injury. A jury trial for the case is scheduled to convene on July 26.