Members of the Kokomo Common Council unanimously approved the first reading of the coming year’s budget last Monday.

That budget represents a $2.5 million increase over last year’s city budget, with the majority of the increase coming from employee raises and because of 2020 having an extra week of pay. In its entirety, the pending budget amounts to $83.457 million for 2020, up from 2019’s $80.945 million.

Changes to the budget this year include 3-percent raises for all of the city’s non-contractual employees. Per their respective contracts, AFSCME members will receive 3-percent raises in the coming year. Contractual members of the Kokomo Police Department will largely see their salaries remain the same, while contractual members of the Kokomo Fire Department will receive 1-percent raises. Elected officials will not be getting raises in 2020.

In total, the police department budget rose $276,973, from $13.031 million to $13.308 million. Some of that increase comes from the plan to purchase nine vehicles utilizing the 2020 budget, including five unmarked vehicles and four marked. Five of the vehicles will be delivered this year.

An extra $150,068 is being allocated to the fire department, bringing the total potential budget from $10.023 million to $10.173 million.

While the planned $2.5 million increase in the budget includes allocations for employee raises, city of Kokomo controlled also noted the difference comes by way of 2020 having more workweeks.

According to city of Kokomo Controller Randy Morris, the budget includes headcounts for each department identical to 2019.

The second reading of the 2020 budget ordinance will be held on Oct. 14. If it passes, the budget will then be adopted.