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Kokomo, Ind. (Nov. 18, 2013) – In light of the devastation caused by the dozens of tornadoes that struck the Midwest on Sunday, the Kokomo community will be coming together to clean up and rebuild in the coming weeks.

During this time, one important phone number can help residents from adding to complications during the clean up process. For any clean up that involves digging or removing trees from the ground, Indiana 811 reminds professional excavators and homeowners alike to call 811 at least two full business days before they start to dig.

More than 165,000 underground utility lines are damaged by digging every year in the United States, according to Common Ground Alliance, and one out of every three incidents is the result of failure to call 811. Striking a single utility line during storm clean up or any other time can lead to personal injury, penalties, repair costs, and expensive and inconvenient outages.

When residents call 811, they will speak with a representative from Indiana 811, the local one-call center, who will take the location and description of the project site and notify affected utility operators. These utilities will then send professional locators to mark the approximate locations of their lines. Once these lines have been marked, residents can begin to carefully clean up around the marked lines. This number is not to be used to report utility service outages.

“In the aftermath of devastation, we must remember that safety is a shared responsibility, and calling 811 helps protect the people who dig and entire communities,” said Chuck Muller, Director of Public and Member Relations for Indiana 811. “It’s one easy phone call that will help make sure a difficult situation isn’t made worse.”

For additional information regarding safe digging practices, please call 811 or visit

About Indiana 811

Indiana 811 is a one-call notification center that notifies member utility owners of a contractor’s or homeowner’s proposed excavation plans. Anyone who is planning to dig must contact Indiana 811 at least two full working days prior to any digging. In turn, Indiana 811 arranges for member utility operators to have the underground lines at the project site marked so that workers and homeowners can carefully excavate around them and protect the lines. For more information about Indiana 811, including a list of its 1,081 member utilities, please visit