Bunker Hill, IN (April 28, 2014) – Miami Correctional Facility (MCF) promoted two to sergeant recently.

The two officers who were promoted to sergeant include:

• Roy Reed was hired at MCF in November 2007 as a Correctional Officer. Reed received his handgun/trip qualification in Feb. 2013 and has been an asset to the trip supervisor. He regularly volunteers for trips to help the facility.

• Robert Shidler was hired at MCF in June 2012 as a Correctional Officer, but has five years prior experience in community corrections in Jasper County. He was also selected to a focus group to perform a “Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats” (SWOT) analysis of our facility, which presented some very good ideas for positive change.

“Both of these men have proven you don’t need the title ‘supervisor’ to be a leader and with their varied experience they will be a valued part of the supervisory team here at MCF, according to Daryl Walls, Assistant Superintendent of Operations. “Our sergeants are the future leadership of our facility and if we keep promoting individuals such as these, the future of this facility will be left in very good hands.”

Superintendent Mark Sevier congratulated the two echoing Mr. Walls statement by adding “Individuals who go above and beyond are individuals we want to see grow within the organization. I’m very happy with those we have selected and look forward to following their leadership.”