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Veteran opens cosmetic facial injection clinic

Following a career in nursing, Masen Mills aims to help clients in a different way

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Masen Mills

NEW BUSINESS — Masen Mills injects Kayla Salinas at his office inside Designing Lines.

Veteran Masen Mills worked in the operating room and intensive care unit as a nurse before making the leap late last year to help patients in a different kind of way.

Mills opened his own business, Timeless Aesthetic Injections, inside Designing Lines in Kokomo last November, and he’s been working to make his clients feel better by helping them look better.

“I left the operating room because I wanted more of a challenge, and then I went into the ICU. That is a very stressful job, a very thankless job. I was just kind of like, ‘I want to do something fun.’ I want to do something that doesn’t involve poop where I can still feel like I’m helping people, but I want to have fun every day,” he said.

Now, he said he’s having fun as an aesthetic nurse. Since opening, he’s injected almost 100 clients.

The “bread and butter” of his business is a membership service in which he offers with Dysport, which is similar to Botox and used to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe lines in the face. To maintain the look, it’s recommended clients have the treatment every three months. To make it more affordable, Mills offers a membership service where clients are billed every month, and then they come in every third month for the next treatment.

They also receive a discount on top of that and 15 percent off any other treatment, he said. He’s up to approximately 22 members.

“It’s been great, and it’s so easy for them because they get to get a discount. They don’t have to keep looking for a new place every time they’re trying to find a good deal. They’re always going to get a good deal when they come and see me,” he said.

Other popular services Mills offers are tear trough fillers, lip injections, cheek lifting, and filler in the nasolabial folds using Juvederm or Restylane. In mid-March, he’ll begin offering PDO thread lifting, which is used to lift the skin of the jaw or cheek and give the face a younger and rejuvenated appearance.

Mills said he believes his business is filling a void in Kokomo. While there are other physicians in town who offer some of the same services, he said they’re rarely advertised. Because of that, many potential clients go to Carmel or Indianapolis for treatment.

“There aren’t a lot of places that offer this service. There are some physicians that do, but they don’t really advertise it because they have their main practice. It’s just another service where, with me, this is the only service that I offer,” he said. “A lot of my clients tell me they used to drive to Carmel. They used to drive to Indy. I actually have some clients that drive up from Indy to see me because here in Kokomo, in a salon, my overhead is very, very low, so I can afford to give out pretty good discounts if people are going to come back and see me.”

His transition into cosmetic injections began when he grew tired of the ICU. On a whim, he applied for a job at a med spa in Carmel in 2018 to inject Botox and dermal fillers, and he was hired. He went through the certification process, and he said he loved the work and being able to make people feel better about themselves.

However, the med spa went out of business several months later, and Mills was left scrambling for work. He checked other med spas and dermatologist offices in the Carmel and Indianapolis areas in the hopes of landing a similar job, but he said no one was hiring.

At the suggestion of his wife, Kate, he decided to open his own business doing cosmetic facial injections in Kokomo.

“My wife said, ‘You always wanted to start your own business. Do it yourself.’ I said, ‘You’re absolutely right,’” he said.

Now, he said it’s been the best professional decision he’s ever made.

“I love it. This is the best thing I’ve ever done other than, of course, marrying my wife and having my son,” he said.

Going forward, he hopes to continue to grow his business and offer his services as affordably as possible.

“I want to have a booked schedule, and I really want to offer this service to people at a low monthly price to where it’s as affordable as your cellphone and that it will enhance the lives of men and women. I want to beautify the city of Kokomo,” he said.

For more information on Mills’ services, visit To see before and after photos, find Timeless Aesthetic Injections on Facebook and Instagram.