Taylor High School awarded 68 Sellers scholarships this year: 64 basic of $700, two non-traditional of $1,000, and two internships of $1,000.

This year's basic is the second-highest amount since the first distribution in 2006. Students must have a C- average at Taylor or in their college classes. Typically, half the recipients is seniors, and the other half is graduates going back to the first class of '69.

The non-traditional is for graduates over age 35 whose college education was postponed or interrupted for such things as childbirth, finances, or other reasons.

The internship is for college sophomores on up who work at $10 an hour for a nonprofit in Howard County during summer break. Past internships have been at Pals for Paws, Project Access, Replay, etc.

With this distribution, the Sellers Fund has given nearly one million from interest on a bequeath of $750,000 from the estate of Lloyd, Grace, and Gene Sellers.