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Popular noodles served at the fair now available year-round

Morning Star Church opens cafe to dish out 'noodles and more'

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noodles & more

HOMESTYLE — Harry Litka places an order with Dotty Cockrell at Noodles & More, located at 2900 E. Markland Ave.

For nearly 50 years, Morning Star Church’s tent at the Howard County 4-H Fair has been a popular spot, thanks to its chicken and noodle dinners.

But now the community doesn’t have to wait until July to get the noodles. The church opened a café, aptly dubbed Noodles & More, where the meals are being dished out twice a week, and the money raised will be used to support local ministries.

“We’ve been doing them since 1974 at the fair, and we just do them the whole week. It’s turned into quite the huge thing, but now we’re doing them here,” said Morning Star Church Associate Pastor Jeff Evans. “We figure since they’re popular out there, maybe they’ll be popular all year long.”

The church started making the homemade noodles more than 70 years ago to support mission programs around the globe. Since serving at the fair, Evans estimated that 125,000 servings of chicken and noodles have been sold.

However, while the noodles are popular at the fair, Evans said there’s a whole other demographic that may not even know about the noodles.

“We’ve known for years most of our clientele have been older people who have known about it for forever. Much of the demographic of Kokomo, the younger people, don’t even know we exist, and they don’t know about the fair or anything,” Evans said.

With the café, he hopes to bring in some younger people. And, he said, that was one of the reasons he didn’t just want to serve chicken and noodles. He wanted to ensure there was something on the menu for everyone.

“We didn’t just want to serve chicken and noodles. We wanted to be friendly to people of all ages,” he said.

So, the church decided to expand what it does with its pasta and add other pasta items to the menu, like Asian noodles, fettuccine alfredo, pasta salad, spaghetti, and salad, along with soft drinks and coffee. Entrées are served with sides, such as soup, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and salad and cost between $8 and $9.

Noodles & More is located at 2900 E. Markland Ave. and open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10:30 to 5:30 p.m. Orders can be placed online at

“It’s getting around on Facebook, but we’re definitely excited about people finding out about us for the first time because I would say many people in Howard County don’t know that there ever was a 4-H noodle ministry, much less that it was hooked up to Morning Star Church,” Evans said.