Patty Pavey

Patty Pavey works with Chris Rohaly in her office at Inventrek Technology Park. The business and life coach recently became certified in DISC personality assessments and trainings. 

(Editor's note: This story was part of the Perspective's annual Inventrek edition, which focuses on businesses and happenings within the facility.) 

If employees don’t understand themselves, they’ll never understand their coworkers or how to work with them, said Patty Pavey, owner of Today’s the Day Coaching.

Pavey said she feels there is a lot of that going on in workplaces, and, with that, she saw an avenue to help employees better work together. Recently, the personal and business coach became certified as a Wiley Partner for Everything DISC and offers a variety of personality assessments and training workshops to businesses.

“By understanding yourself and your coworkers, you can increase your profit margin, increase your sales, better relationships. You can better every aspect by better understanding the people we work with or live with,” she said.

DISC stands for four personality styles: dominant, influencing, steadfast, and compliant.

Each person participating in a workshop takes a lengthy online analysis and completes individual write-ups and activities.

“When they leave, they have a better idea of who they are, but they also have a better idea who they are working with and how leaders and managers in an organization can best utilize their employees to keep them,” Pavey said.

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Recently, LeaderOne Financial employees did a beta test with Pavey on the DISC training before she launched it to the public.

Steve Delon, branch manager of LeaderOne, commended the program and said there are noticeable differences in the office now.

“For all of us, we learned more about ourselves, which was interesting on how we communicate with each other. There are different people who work here, and everybody’s got different personalities. So sometimes it help you then understand the way someone talks or acts. There are different ways you can approach them. They’re not necessarily being abrupt, but it’s just the way the come across on getting stuff done. It’s like, ‘I’m goal-oriented, and I want to get this stuff done right away,’” said Delon.

Delon said he can see his coworkers utilizing what they learned, especially during their regular weekly meetings.

“We sit down every work in the conference room and go through what’s going on with our closing files, and at that time there are like eight different personalities in that room. It’s really helped us all mesh together a little better,” he said.

In addition to offering DISC training to businesses, Pavey also can do family, couple, or one-on-one sessions.

For more information, call Pavey at 765-461-6598.