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Ivy Rehab strives for superior customer service

Kokomo center offers individualized treatment programs, hands-on therapy

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BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS — Tyson Damitz (center), director of Ivy Rehab Kokomo, stands with his staff.

Ivy Rehab isn’t just building patients’ strength; it’s building relationships.

Through individualized treatments programs, hands-on therapy, and a lot of one-on-one, patients at the almost four-year-old center really get to know their therapists. And according to Ivy Rehab Director Tyson Damitz, it’s one of his favorite parts.

“I consider a lot of these people friends even more than patients. We share life together. We see them a couple times a week, so we get to hear about their grandkid winning the baseball tournament or Sally learning to play the saxophone,” Damitz said. “It’s truly the opportunity to build relationships with people we see on a daily basis, and then the bonus is helping them get back to basketball or tying their shoes or playing with their grandkids, whatever it may be.”

The center offers a bevy of treatments and strives to get patients in within 24 hours. Treatments include everything from post-surgical therapy and orthopedic therapy to soft tissue mobilization and TMJ treatment. One of the most popular treatments offered is dry needling, which Damitz called “a hit.” The treatment, which is another form of soft tissue mobilization, can help reduce inflammation, decrease muscle tension, and ultimately relieve pain.

As for Ivy Rehab’s physical therapy, one of the aspects that Damitz said makes the facility stand apart is the focus the therapists put on making sure the appointment is very hands-on. For that reason, therapists often spend more than the allotted time with patients.

“What we pride ourselves on is that we don’t just bring you in and kick you out after a half hour. Unfortunately a lot of that half hour is riding a bike or doing something like that. Most of our patients spend a good hour in our facility, and that’s because we, one, want to get our hands on them for a good 20 or 30 minutes at least and then use that extra time for some corrective exercises.

“Our focus truly is putting our hands on our patients, and quite frankly that’s really the skilled part of physical therapy, manual therapy and being able to physically manipulate things. Anybody can look up YouTube videos on how to exercise their quad or whatever. It’s the manual component that’s truly what sets us apart,” he said.

Through the variety of treatments, therapists work to better countless conditions and injuries. Damitz said it’s always rewarding to see patients conclude their therapy sessions in a much better place than they were when they walked in.

One patient Damitz worked with had his leg crushed, endured multiple surgeries, and is now back to playing with kids and being active again. Another patient, who had an amputation, currently is heading in the right direction, and the director said it’s gratifying to watch him improve after every session.

In addition to physically helping patients, Damitz said he and the other therapists also work to improve patients’ mental outlook.

“We’re upbeat, and we have fun. No one comes through our doors not hurting. No one comes through and says, ‘I have no pain, and everything works right.’ Everyone comes in with pain and kind of a grim outlook, and hopefully we can have a fun, upbeat environment where they forget about that, and we work through the problems. And then we, on the other side, build a relationship that’s long-lasting,” he said.

For more information on Ivy Rehab, visit or call 765-450-7261. Ivy Rehab is located at 1805 E. Hoffer St.