Do you create New Year’s Resolutions? I’ve stopped. In previous years, they were forgotten before February arrived. Why waste time doing something that has completely failed previously?

Many people, realizing they are overweight, go on diets. That practice didn’t end successfully for me! However, due to three surgeries, my weigh is now less than half what it was a few years ago. Currently gaining weight is a priority. People say they’d like to stop smoking. Because of my father’s disapproval of tobacco, I never smoked that first cigarette. There was a time I wished I smoked because stopping would have meant saving money. Now wasn’t that foolish thinking? The day did arrive when dad said he wished I’d smoke because maybe I’d sit down and not drive him crazy.

Some people want to refrain from drinking. That was never a problem. I could not stand the odor of beer. Consuming expensive liquor wasn’t an option because there were other things I’d rather have. There was a time I tested recipes for Betty Crocker. One recipe required wine. Because I knew nothing about that beverage, I bought the least expensive in the grocery store. Since I dislike wasting money, the remaining wine was given to a neighbor who is no longer living. When she saw it, she said it wasn’t fit to drink and poured it down her sink immediately.

The year I taught in California, the principal had a Christmas party. Liquor was the only beverage served. Another teacher, who knew I never drank in the teacher’s lounge, saw me walk over to a tree in the living room and decided I planned to water that tree. She stopped me and said it would kill the tree. When I asked her what she thought it would do to me, she happily drank what I was holding and handed her empty glass to me.

Instead of making resolutions, I’ve read it’s better to write New Year’s expectations for 2021. Have you ever thought about how expectations shape our lives? If we expect pain, something hurts. If we expect problems, life is difficult. After all the problems we encountered in 2020, it’s time to turn the page and change our ways.

Six expectations based on the Bible were given. When you know the promises of God, you can expect fulfillment. If you think about the blessings of God, you’ll have joy. As you realize the comfort of God, peace is coming your way. For those who realize the grace of God, they will be able to expect mercy. Those who realize the provision of God find it’s possible to expect abundance. When you reach the sovereignty of God, there’s victory.

God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The older I become, I’m amazed at how much He does for each of us. Every time I avoid falling or drop something that is fragile and it doesn’t break, I thank God. Each night He is thanked for another day He has given us. Every morning He is thanked for a new day when we are still here to see the beauty of the earth.