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Healthy Kokomo serves up nutritious smoothies

New smoothie shop offers nutrition-packed meal-replacement drinks, teas

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VITAMIN BOOST — Healthy Kokomo partner Jessica Lee makes a mixed berry smoothie with real fruit and added nutrients.

A new smoothie shop on the square is serving up meal-replacement smoothies in the hopes of giving residents quick, healthy substitutes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

On Aug. 1, Healthy Kokomo celebrated its grand opening at 117 W. Sycamore St. at the hands of owners Arias and Kaylee Williams who moved to Kokomo from South Bend to open the shop. The couple became interested in smoothies after losing a combined 100 pounds after subbing meals for nutrition-packed shakes and smoothies.

After having weight-loss success, the couple began working as health and wellness coaches, and now, with Healthy Kokomo, they hope to inspire others to live healthier in this area.

“We ran out of room up there to reach the level that we wanted to reach and help the people we wanted to help,” said Kaylee.

When contemplating a move to a new city for a smoothie shop, the couple said they became interested in Kokomo due it what they saw as a lack of healthy options coupled with Kokomo’s high obesity rate.

“We realized this town didn’t have [healthy options], and we wanted to recreate what we had in South Bend here,” said Arias. “Now that we have been here, this is the most welcoming community and nicest people that I have met in a very long time.”

Since the couple’s soft opening last month, the Williamses and their team went to training in Louisiana to learn how to make the best meal-replacement smoothies and teas as possible.

Their team consists of two more young adults who moved to the area from Buchanan, Mich., to join Kaylee and Arias in their healthy business journey. The couple still is looking to find more partners to join their team.

Just like the name, Healthy Kokomo aims to offer healthy meals to the community and a new variety of wellness coaching not found in the city. The Williamses soon will be doing one-on-one wellness evaluations, weight measurements for free, nutrition classes, and various workout classes. Kaylee also emphasized that their shop is child-friendly. The shop has a play place for children to encourage them to be active and smoothie flavors aimed at attracting even the youngest of customers.

“You can’t find this product anywhere else,” said Aries. “I only know what I know, and I know that these shakes are amazing. This lift-off will change people’s lives.”

The menu includes more than 50 flavors of handmade smoothies and teas that are made from nutrient-packed ingredients with real fruits and flavors. Flavors include cookies and cream, French vanilla, Dutch chocolate, wild berry, orange cream, café latte, mint chocolate, banana caramel, pina colada, and dulce de leche.

Each drink is considered a meal replacement with added vitamins, 17 to 24 grams of protein, and nine grams of sugar in each smoothie.

“Before this, we were just two kids who had a kid really young and didn’t know what we wanted to do with ourselves. We were unhappy, unmotivated, and out of shape, and this opportunity gave us something to push ourselves,” said Aries.

The store is located on 117 W. Sycamore St. and is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.