Do you know why we do what we do at Bona Vista? It’s for the adults who need our services and for the children who are thriving here.

The people we serve enjoy books and board games in their classrooms, as well as playing various sports in the new gymnasium. During times when we aren't dealing with a global pandemic, many of the adults in our services enjoy outings and the ability to go to the mall. The children in our programs like playing with toys, hearing stories, learning to write their name and color. Some of them learn basic developmental skills and work toward milestones.

We provide a safe place for so many people, of all ages, to learn and grow. Bona Vista is a place where children and adults work toward personal goals, get to enjoy their hobbies, develop new skills, and make friends. We are a family for those without loved ones, and we are a community to the people we serve. As for the children in our programs, many of them learn to sit up, crawl, and walk within our walls. Our teachers are integral in the lives of so many kids that enter our programs during a pivotal period in their development.

Why is this important to you? In order for Bona Vista to continue providing the adults in our services the recreational facility, art supplies, and quality care, we need your help. In order for the kids in our Early Childhood programs to receive the tools they need to learn and to grow, we need your help. Please consider donating to Bona Vista this holiday season.

As you gather around the Thanksgiving table this week with your family, please consider the residents in Bona Vista residential homes that could benefit from your donation. As you plan your post-turkey shopping, please think about setting a little aside for Bona Vista on Giving Tuesday next week. We are so appreciative for members of this community, like you, who keep our doors open. You honestly have no idea how much of a difference your donation can make and, right now, is an exceptional time to donate.

This year’s Giving Tuesday is a special opportunity to double the impact of your donation. Generous donors Tom and Karen McKinney and family have offered to match your donation dollar-for-dollar this holiday season. What better time could there be to give? Every single dollar that you donate to Bona Vista will be doubled. This means two new basketballs for our adults' recreational time and two sets of paint for the art creation room.

Please visit to make your donation online or call 765-457-8273 for more information. Check us out on social media on Dec. 1 for Giving Tuesday as we virtually introduce you to some of the children and adults you can help.