tiffany damitz

NEW ROLE — Tiffany Damitz stands with her coworkers at Bona Vista Programs.

Against all odds, we have made it to the second half of this crazy year.

2020 has been nothing short of a chaotic ride for all of us. I have found myself reeling, at times, in the midst of this pandemic and have learned to lean on truths that I do know. I’m fortunate to work for Bona Vista, an organization that presents a humbling, valuable, necessary mission. Our responsibilities do not halt in the face of confusion and panic. The work our staff does in this community and for the people that we serve has kept me grounded during the uncertain times of the past few months.

The pride I have in this organization has been founded on the experience I have had as an employee through this unsettling year. Our leadership has spearheaded logical and incremental transitions of services to keep everyone safe. The wellbeing of staff, persons served, families and guardians of Bona Vista has been at the forefront of all planning and communication. I’m proud of the way we have navigated 2020 thus far and am confident in how this agency will continue providing our services to the people we love. More so, I’m excited to represent Bona Vista in our community through my new role in our Development department.

Hailing from Human Resources at Bona Vista, I bring experience with our staff and our hiring initiatives. I have loved getting to know our employees and working with them. This is the group of people that provide services to our children and adults so it’s vital that, as an organization, we deliver what they need as staff members. This is the value I have learned from my time in human resources and it is the perspective that I hope to bring to this new role.

My passion for our community was the igniting force behind this career change. I was born and raised in Howard County and my family has deep roots here. I completed my undergrad degree at Purdue and grad school at IUK. I am a wife to Tyson and a mom to two wild boys, ages five and seven. I have a concerning obsession with the Boilermakers, homeless animals, sarcasm, and overpriced coffee. I have a passion for people and for the mission of Bona Vista. I jumped at the opportunity to help with this agency’s engagement in a community that I love. The shoes left behind by Alison Brantley in this role are large and will require hard work to fill; we will all miss her dearly. I am, however, so very excited to participate in this next chapter for Bona Vista this year. Stay tuned!