Are you a senior who needs to spend more time enjoying life? A friend sent pictures that were supposedly examples of vintage humor. It was an interesting encounter.

The introduction showed the first computer. With all the problems computers create, it would be far easier to use the old computer than the new version. The first computer was nothing more than a pencil. The lead was the printer. The eraser was the delete key, and the hand sharpener was the refresher. If computers refresh, that’s a new thought. All mine does is frustrate.

In first grade came the introduction of the Palmer method of penmanship. Do you remember how the alphabet was presented with white letters on green background and posted above the chalkboard? How well I recall those first writing exercises! At that time it seemed as if we were going nowhere fast. One side of special lined paper was used to make straight lines that were to be joined with a slightly curved line. The other side was filled with circles that joined closely.

Pupils were not allowed to have recess until both sides of the writing paper were completely filled. Since I enjoyed recess, my page was always completed before the first recess. There were students who lost two and sometimes three recesses because drawing straight lines and circles wasn’t their favorite activity. It’s interesting to note that students who had this same teacher in first and second grade could be identified for years as her students. This caused me to admire her teaching techniques until a professor in graduate school informed our class she didn’t approve of having people who were capable of forging checks! The class agreed. That thought had never entered my mind. It’s good that teachers today aren’t that rigid. Many students currently learn manuscript and have no idea about cursive writing. Had you ever thought that some day old folks could use cursive writing as a secret code?

A picture of an old push lawn mower did bring thoughts of appreciation for the power mowers and lawn tractors we enjoy using today. The next two pictures weren’t humorous. They caused the person viewing them to wonder if our world is headed in the right direction. One showed laughing children who were not wearing shoes but having a delightful time playing in the water and getting covered with mud. The other showed three well dressed girls standing near each other but not communicating. They were too busy reading messages on their smart phones.

After viewing children today and realizing how easy they have it, thoughts became a bit sad. Life isn’t easy. How will they cope? Someone complained about having to walk nine feet through shag carpet to change the TV channel. Those were the days when there were good programs. Today with our remote controls, we seldom watch television. It’s mostly bad news about how our world is going downhill fast. One of the worst inventions, I believe, was introducing television to the world. Fortunately, the email ended on a happy note with which I agree.