carf surveyors

TOURING — Bona Vista staff Courtney Butler, Miriam O'Malley-Long, and Troy Bowers facilitate a building tour for the CARF surveyors.

Bona Vista achieved a three-year accreditation from the respected Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Bona Vista undergoes a rigorous organizational survey by CARF to determine eligibility for accreditation. This achievement is recognized industry-wide for health and human services as the standard for quality operations and programming. The agency was surveyed for conformance to specified CARF standards that set a benchmark for excellence in behavioral consultation, employment services and supported living. This accreditation is concerned with an agency’s person-center philosophy, engaged leadership, and best practices.

In a typical survey year, the team of CARF peer surveyors would visit Kokomo for a few days to allow them to immerse themselves into Bona Vista operations and culture. This year, however, nothing is typical and the survey was conducted virtually in October. The team that conducted the review virtually visited each Bona Vista building, observed operations and reviewed organizational documents. In addition, the CARF team conducted interviews with staff, consumers, and community partners.

There is much preparation for the survey on the part of the administrative team at each candidate agency. This year, CEO and President Brianne Boles designated Miriam O’Malley-Long, Bona Vista Vice President of Quality Assurance and Training, to be the lead contact for CARF preparation and execution.

“I’m so proud of our CARF prep team and all of our staff that work so hard to ensure Bona Vista is consistently adhering to the highest quality standards for this survey process but, more importantly, for the people we serve every day,” said O’Malley-Long.

The CARF Accreditation report noted Bona Vista’s dedication to staff training and a continuity of care for clients. We are proud of earning the highest accreditation increment, of three years, for the recognition of our standards and of the quality of services we provide to the community. It was most notable to hear how fulfilling our services are for Bona Vista clients and community stakeholders.