Theresa Kibler

KIDS — Physical Therapist Theresa Kibler evaluates a child at Bona Vista’s Positive Results for Therapies.

It’s almost time for children to head back to school. If your children are anything like mine, they are not ready for school to start just yet. They’d rather soak up the sun, sleep in, and not have to worry about homework.

As the new school year approaches, most parents or guardians start thinking about all that can bring. There’s the purchase of school supplies and probably a new pair of gym shoes. There’s the pep talks of making new friends, starting new classes, and learning new things. There’s the organization of making sure kids get on the bus at the right time, knowing who is staying after school when, and how they are getting home after sports practices. One thing we want parents to be confident in and to take the guess work out of is their child’s development. That’s why we offer two ways for you to gain that confidence and send your child to school with as much knowledge and resources that you can through our Positive Results for Therapies program.

The first way is through our Wednesday mini-developmental screenings sponsored by We Care. These take place each and every Wednesday morning at our 1220 E. Laguna St. location. The mini-screenings check for your child’s development in the areas of physical and occupational therapy, or more specifically, gross and fine motor skills respectively.

The second option is to attend one of our quarterly developmental screenings sponsored, in part, by the United Way of Howard County. These full screenings are one hour and check for not only gross and fine motor skills but speech, vision, self-help, cognitive, and social developmental skills. Our next full developmental screening is Aug. 15 at the same address as above.

Who should attend one of these screenings?

• First-time parents of a child who didn’t come with an instruction manual.

• Parents of multiple children and one isn’t doing the things that the others did at their age.

• Parents of a child who isn’t saying several words by the age of two.

• Parents of a child who isn’t pulling itself up to stand by 18 months.

• Or any parent who has any questions about their child’s development at all.

The therapists doing the screenings will give you direction, validation, and support. These early childhood intervention screenings can help them achieve developmental milestones early in their growth. We are also a First Steps provider, working with children ages birth to 3 in their home and work with local pediatricians in order to set up evaluations for physical and occupational therapy services, as well.

If you’d like to set up an appointment for a Wednesday screening or for our full screening on Aug. 15, please call Brooklyn Dugdale at 765-454-5340.