Bona Vista Programs glows crazy!

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PARTY HARDY — Bona Vista's '80s-themed dance is coming up on Friday, Nov. 15.

You know what would be totally tubular? Righteous? Bodacious, even? Bona Vista’s Let’s Glow 80s Crazy dance! That’s right! My intern from the Kokomo Area Career Center, Jacob Moore, has developed an event for anyone with special needs (age 16 and older) to rewind and unwind the night away with their friends while enjoying '80s-themed photo booths, hair/makeup styling and so much more! Doesn’t that sound like so much fun?! Mark your calendars for Friday, Nov. 15, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at UAW Local 685 because you won’t want to miss it.

For those of you who don’t know Jacob, let me give you a quick background. He’s a senior at Western High School. He loves hanging out with his friends, eating some B-dubs (or anything, really), taking a good nap, and helping out at his church. He works a part-time job at Crew Car Wash and is in several clubs at the school. He is not lacking for things to fill his time. So, for him to decide that he wants to spend his internship with Bona Vista creating and executing an event for adults with disabilities in this community, that’s a pretty big deal.

Now that I’ve told you a little bit about Jacob, let me tell you about this amazing event! The Let’s Glow '80s Crazy dance is an awareness event (really hear me: this not a fund raiser) for anyone with special needs (ages 16 and older). They don’t have to live in Howard County. They don’t have to receive services from Bona Vista. They don’t even have to like to dance. Although, that will be a huge part of it, and DJ T-Roy (aka Bona Vista’s Community Education Coordinator Troy Bowers) will be spinning the tunes nonstop.

For those who may not like to dance (or don’t have any rhythm, like myself) we are excited to announce that we have once again partnered with the Kokomo Area Career Center’s Culinary Arts students to create the food for this event.

They have been hard at work coming up with '80s-themed and glow-in-the-dark foods that will satisfy the masses. Their instructor, Kaly Griggs, and her assistant, Brandon Lewis, have been tasked with making sure we have food that includes Pop Rocks or Jello cubes (that look like Rubix cubes) because we are really going to do this up right.

I can’t spill all the details, but I can say that in a couple of weeks, Jacob and I will be going over to the school with some of our friends from the Bona Vista Bistro to “taste test” some of the options the students have come up with. Someone has to do it, right?!

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So I’ve told you about food and dancing, but that’s not all. We will also have '80s-themed photobooths to document all of the fun. We are creating large Rubix cubes, boom boxes, and so much more to give the UAW Hall an amazing retro vibe. In addition, our guests of honor in attendance will be treated to hair and makeup courtesy of the Kokomo Area Career Center’s cosmetology students. This is totally optional for those who may just need a quick spritz of glow-in-the-dark or neon hairspray or would like a little eye shadow to round out their look.

I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the partnership that we have formed with the Kokomo Area Career Center and Kokomo High School. Their instructors are willing and eager to incorporate their students into our events and projects, and their work is exceptional. We never have to worry about deadlines or quality because they are prompt and professional. No, they didn’t pay me for that plug. It’s genuine.

Curious how you can get involved?

1. Volunteer – Register as a volunteer at bonavista.org and click on the “Events” tab. Volunteer roles will range from being a peer buddy (which means you would hang out with one of our guests of honor all evening) to being a parking attendant or any number of other important jobs!

2. Spread the word – If you’re on Facebook, find our event and share it with your friends (Let’s Glow '80s Crazy!)! Encourage them to volunteer, tag people you know who may want to attend as a guest of honor, or suggest this event as one to sponsor to your business owning friends!

3. Sponsor – This event isn’t designed to be a money-maker. It’s about doing something fun for those in this community with special needs. However, as a nonprofit and good steward of the funds entrusted to us, we can’t afford to pay for all of the food, decorations, and other expenses that come with putting on an event like this without sponsors.

If this article creates more questions than it provides answers for you, please call me at 765-457-8273 or email me at abrantley@bonavista.org. We are so looking forward to serving our guests of honor at this event and can’t wait to share more about it with all of you as it gets closer to time. Now where did I put my hair crimper?!