early head start

TASTY — Adalyn M. independently feeds herself while exploring new fruits and veggies in Early Head Start. Fine motor skills (such as picking up the fruit), self-help (such as learning to feed herself) and social skills (such as sitting around the table with her friends at snack time) are all a part of the Paths to Quality parameters that Bona Vista strives to meet.

Quality. When you hear that word, what images come to mind? Something of high caliber? Someone with strong moral character? Something of extreme value? It could be any number of images or descriptions. Regardless, you don’t think of something that’s “quality” as inferior, substandard, or unsatisfactory. You think of it as superior or excellent.

It occurred to me recently that when I write about our Early Childhood Education Center and talk about how we are a Paths to QUALITY Level 4. you probably don’t even know what that means. It’s OK! I didn’t either before I started working here.

Paths to Quality is a voluntary system created to improve the quality of child care and early education for children, give the parents a tool to find the best quality program for their family’s needs and support, and recognize providers on a four-level rating system. We don’t have to do it. We choose to do it for the parents and the children we serve. It’s voluntary, but it’s worth the extra work to make sure that we offering the highest quality of services.

There are four levels of Paths to Quality. Level 1 states that the basic health and safety needs of the children are met. Level 2 has an environment that supports children’s learning. Level 3 has a planned curriculum that guides child development and school readiness. Finally, Level 4, Bona Vista’s achievement states that the highest level of quality has been achieved.

Bona Vista’s Early Childhood Education Center has attained and maintained for several years the Level 4 status which means by definition: all participants have demonstrated a commitment to the highest level of professionalism in child care and achievement of a nationally recognized accreditation. Bona Vista also has accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and has for almost 20 years.

Paths to Quality provides tools families can use to identify quality child care and increases the chances that children will be receiving the warm, nurturing, stimulating care they need for the best development.

Bona Vista’s Early Childhood Education Center’s programs (Keys for Kids Preschool, Early Head Start, and Positive Results for Kids Pediatric Therapies) are academic-based and designed to enhance your child’s development through a variety of activities. These activities are focused on language, fine motor, gross motor, self-help, and social skills. We have several classes Monday through Friday, but we do maintain a wait list because spots are limited. To be expected with a quality program, though, right?

With all of that being said, if you have teaching experience and this program sounds like something you’d want to be a part of, we would love to have you! We are currently looking for a few good teachers and even substitute teachers to help during vacations. You can see the full job descriptions and requirements by visiting www.bonavista.org and clicking “Apply.”

Additionally, if you’ve never been in to tour the Early Childhood Education Center for yourself, I would encourage you to do that. Community Education Coordinator Troy Bowers loves to talk about our programs. You can reach him at 765-457-8273 or tbowers@bonavista.org.

Finally, make sure you follow us on Facebook @bonavistaprogramsinc, Twitter @Bonavista_ or Instagram @bonavistaprogramsinc. Doing so will give you a chance to see the children in our services and the experiences that they have for yourself!