thank you party

GRATEFUL — Bona Vista throws a "thank you" party for its employees to remind them how valued they are.

Servant leadership. Are you familiar with the concept? The idea is that leadership’s main goal is to serve others. A servant leader puts the needs of the people in our programs and employees first, and, in the end, it hopefully results in people feeling appreciated. That is what we are trying to do at Bona Vista Programs. Our aspiration is to make sure that every employee who takes the time to pour themselves into our organization feels love, support, and admiration. We know the job is hard, and some days can seem thankless. But we wanted to combat that with some fun. So, we had a party – how else should one celebrate?

We invited all Bona Vista staff to come out to Rodgers Pavilion on Thursday, June 27, and celebrate their hard work with some food, music and games! Hot dogs (donated by Country Choice), cheeseburgers and hamburgers, chips, pretzels, cookies (donated by Blondie’s Cookies), and refreshing drinks donated by Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Kokomo were provided.

To show a little extra “thanks,” every employee who attended the day received a Bella-Canvas t-shirt that read the words: Encouragement. Independence. Inclusion. #bonavistaprograms.

Those words are straight from our mission statement, and we wanted to remind anyone who sees them what drives the employees at Bona Vista. We encourage the individuals we serve to excel; we drive them toward independence, and we include them in our wonderful community. Without the staff at Bona Vista Programs, the individuals in our programs may not have that opportunity.

DJ T-Roy made an appearance with his tunes, and we were also able to give away several four packs of tickets to the Kokomo Jackrabbits Baseball game to the staff and their families. Some staff were even able to bring their family and loved ones, and those who were working shifts were encouraged to bring the people in our programs.

We had close to 200 people come and enjoy the day. Staff were able to mingle with other departments, and employees who have worked together for years were able to put faces to names they have seen in emails. Our agency employs more than 400 people, so it can be difficult for everyone to know each other. We are happy to be able to provide an event where we can all learn about one another.

The best part though? The “thank yous,” the laughs, and the smiles. I sat back most of the day behind my T-shirt table and took it all in as they filtered through the door. We have an array of personalities, but they all seem to balance each other out. I saw dancing and singing. I saw the appreciation of one staff to another when they lent a helping hand. I heard the cackling of a group talking about their families and jobs. I saw people bonding and enjoying time together. I hope they know that days like that are memorable, and I am so thankful to have witnessed all of the unique interactions. Most of all – I hope each person left feeling some sort of appreciation. We know a lunch and t-shirt isn’t enough to show the gratitude owed to the employees of Bona Vista, but we are hoping it plays a small part in an ongoing display of appreciation.

Since not all employees were able to come, we will certainly be hosting more staff appreciation events in the future! Follow us on Facebook @bonavistaprogramsinc, Twitter @Bonavista_ or Instagram @bonavistaprograms to see all the fun we have when we are together.