bona vista staff

STAFF — Bona Vista employees went the extra mile for persons served during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Employees don’t get involved in providing services for Bona Vista without a personal investment in the mission of the agency. It is a line of work that can be challenging and rewarding but is almost always guaranteed to be emotional.

When you work with the same set of persons served and coworkers each day, you can expect to develop close connections. So it’s no surprise that, in turn, we have some really amazing people that work for us. The past few months of the COVID-19 pandemic have been no exception, and our staff has stepped up immensely for the people that we serve.

As you also experienced firsthand in your own life, the Bona Vista world stopped on a dime in March, and we had to figure out how to adjust our programs to continue providing services without stopping while also adhering to the new COVID-19 regulations. Talk about a headache!

Our agency had to look at our programming through a new lens and reconfigure our operations. Bona Vista leadership is commendable for their responsiveness to the situation, but it’s our employees that implemented the shift in services so quickly and effectively that deserve our appreciation most.

Bona Vista employees have been the key to a smooth transition in services during this trying time. Our persons served have been thrown into a whirlwind of new changes, but our dedicated staff kept the chaos at bay. For instance, when our group home residents had to adhere to the stay-at-home order, their schedules and routines were halted. There were no visits into the community or activities with family. They were not able to attend their regular day services. This was upsetting for many of our residents, but we had some amazing staff members come up with creative ways for them to keep in contact with their family and friends.

Other caregivers went above their employment expectations to keep our persons served occupied while they were hunkered down in their homes. This is a challenging feat, but, with the help of many donations from our community, staff was able to create in-home fun and activities in new ways. Our preschool program worked tirelessly to facilitate remote learning for our children. Teachers created curriculum from home and worked with parents to administer and keep our kids on track with their educational goals. Our therapies department transitioned to remote visits and effectively treated patients without being in personal contact.

These accounts cannot be fabricated, and these staff members could never be replaced in the hearts of our consumers. Bona Vista consumers become family to caregivers that we employ. They share daily challenges and successes. They now have shared a global pandemic. Our employees are unmatched; we truly have the most selfless people who dedicate their working hours to our adults and children. In the midst of a pandemic, our employees were handed a challenge and what resulted was so many success stories. Thank you Bona Vista employees!