anniversaries bona vista

LONGEVITY — Sarah Means and Vicky Petrowsky enjoy a staff recognition luncheon provided by the Early Childhood department.

A few weeks ago I introduced you to Linda Wallace, who has been a loyal Bona Vista employee for 35 years. This accomplishment is certainly worth noting, but it is not the only anniversary our staff members celebrated in 2020.

Each January our agency recognizes those employees who reached milestone anniversaries in the year prior. We recognize these individuals with a staff recognition breakfast to celebrate their achievement and what they bring to Bona Vista. This year, due to the pandemic, we are delaying this event until a safer time to gather. However, we still are celebrating these staff members and their accomplishments now, in spite of our postponed event. Please help me congratulate them and the work that they do for our clients and this community. Without our family of staff members, Bona Vista could not serve the children and adults that we do.

The staff member with the most impressive anniversary milestone last year was Maria Stark, who celebrated her 35th year with us. The next milestone met in 2020 was for 25 years of service to Bona Vista. The two staff who accomplished this were Gina Fewell, a caregiver in our residential homes, and Onita Tilden, a caregiver in adult day services. Following, with his 20-year anniversary, is Jeff Bean who serves on our maintenance team.

Five employees reached their 15-year anniversary with Bona Vista last year: Kendra Carson, Early Head Start cook; Peggy Weaver, janitorial coordinator; Lisa Pierce, house manager; Michelle Kanable, senior director of Adult Enrichment and Special Projects; and Dona Newsome, residential caregiver. Another five employees celebrated their 10th years with our agency: Tiffani Hunt, EHS transition teacher; Meredith Freeman, vice president of vocational and day services; Brittany Taylor, EHS transition teacher; Robin Ford, residential caregiver; Herlinda Bobadilla, early childhood substitute teacher.

Finally, we celebrate many staff members for reaching their five-year milestones. These include William Ford, residential manager; Madison Lewe, infant and toddler teacher; Ashley Richards, Community Connections caregiver; Ashley Stevenson, supported living caregiver; Pamela Kemper, behavior therapist; Maria Reynoso, EHS assistant teacher; Michael Sommer, CHIO/PAC/respite caregiver; Lisa Harris, supported living clerical assistant; Osheona Barbary, supported living caregiver; Kayla Galbraith, house manager; Megan Lilla, residential caregiver; Rachel McKnight, developmental therapy early childhood specialist; Daniel Galbraith, supported living caregiver; Charles Stout, residential caregiver; Kaila Bales, residential caregiver; Marc Stover, Adult Day Services caregiver; Donna Buck, Adult Day Services caregiver; Katherine Johnson, infant and toddler teacher; Ariana Wood, residential caregiver; Janel Townsend, preschool assistant; Beth Kraning, residential caregiver; Takyia McCord, residential caregiver, and Gayle Mayda, Community Connections clerical assistant.

In total, Bona Vista employs 116 individuals who have been with the agency for five years or longer. We cannot wait to celebrate each of our employee’s milestone anniversary. This agency and community are thankful for these staff members and for their loyalty, hard work, and love for our clients. Thank you each for making Bona Vista your career home!

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