bona vista ipad

CARING — Bona Vista caregiver Amber McKay helps Larry Roberts work on the iPad.

It is Direct Support Professional Recognition Week, and Bona Vista is taking this chance to officially recognize all of our caregivers.

The direct care staff at Bona Vista should be celebrated every day for the amazing work they do with our community of people with disabilities. We often say that this career path is a work of the heart because of how a caregiver invests in the people that they serve. It is physical and emotional work that is necessary for so many people.

Our caregivers assist with all of the health and hygiene tasks for our persons served, as well as initiating daily activities and goals. It is not always an easy job, but it is so important in so many lives. The caregiver serves the client, the client’s family, and the community with the work that they do. So many people rely on and are thankful for the services Bona Vista has provided for over 60 years.

Mayor Tyler Moore made the official proclamation that this week is Direct Support Professional Recognition Week in Kokomo. He acknowledged the importance of the services our caregivers provide and thanked them for their dedication. His recorded announcement can be found on the Bona Vista Programs Facebook page. Our agency is appreciative of the support that Mayor Moore and all of our community leaders provide Bona Vista and the work that we do.

The Bona Vista administration has planned five days of appreciation for our direct care staff. Each day this week we will bring treats and goodies to our group homes and adult day service sites, in both Peru and Kokomo, to show our caregivers that we are thankful for their work. These small gifts do not signify the full gratitude that so many people have for these employees, but we hope our staff is able to take a minute to remember how important they are. Please follow along on our Facebook page, Bona Vista Programs, to see the fun that we have planned.

Our theme for the week resonates with the hardship this year has brought: “2020 gave us lemons and our caregivers made lemonade”. On Monday we are delivering donuts with the theme “we just want to squeeze our CDDs”. On Tuesday we have prepared Lemonheads and attached a card that reads “We would lose our HEADS without you!” On Wednesday our caregivers will receive popcorn that says “You make your job look easy peasy lemon squeezy”. On Thursday we are providing Crystal Light lemonade and chips: “It’s crystal clear we have the best CDDs!” Finally, on Friday we will deliver pizza, with boxes labeled “you are the ZEST!”

Bona Vista has a great group of employees that provide care to our persons served. We try to recognize caregivers every day, but are also excited to take this specific chance to thank them for the work they do in our community and in the lives of those they serve. We could not do this work without them!

Caregiving is a vital need in this community and Bona Vista is hiring staff for this role right now. Please visit our website at to apply for one of these rewarding positions today!