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BILL ELDRIDGE: KCC triumphs in Liberty Cup

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Golf- The Kokomo Country Club won the Liberty Cup last weekend.

The new Liberty Cup format worked perfectly for the Kokomo Country Club, as its handicap players, men and women shined. Chippendale finished second, trailing KCC by 47 points. KCC men handicap posted 137, 20 better than Chippy. This was the Legion’s best group, scoring 124. KCC’s senior group scored 125, with Wildcat seniors at 117, and Chippendale 14 points behind. KCC women’s handicap team was 14 better than Chippendale, with the women scratch being up 5.

Looking at the Club’s handicap scores, only Byron Cardwell, Doug White, Mike Stegall, Melissa Ellis and Cindy Harrold “beat” their handicaps. Cardwell by 6, Harrold by 4, White by 2, Ellis by 3, and Stegall by 1. What made the difference was the Club players made a lot of birdies on holes they had strokes. Terry Heltzel with an 18 shot 89. One shot over his handicap, but scored 36 points. Dave McFatridge and Black Kinder each chipped in 35 points. Brian Cossell, 35, and Carl Roark with an 18 handicap shot 92 but scored 32 points, and fellow senior, Mike Stegall, who was one shot better than his handicap, posted 37 points using the Stableford Scoring System. The KCC women did their part with Harrold scoring a Liberty Cup record for women with 40 points. Ellis put up 39, and Judy Snow used her 18 handicap to add 33.

Other scoring notes

Brandon Steiner of Chippendale shot the only par round with a 70. Jon Kelley of Wildcat and Brian Harris of Chippendale posted 71s. The first players to ever play with plus handicaps, Bob Elkins of Wildcat, +2, shot an actual 71, and Don Wells, Chippendale, +1, fired a 71.

Next year’s Liberty Cup is scheduled at Wildcat Creek, Friday, Sept. 9. The format is to be determined. Will we stay with handicaps or go back to gross only? Let me know what you think, and I’ll pass it along.