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FAMILY — Bona Vista Behavior Management client Kenny participates in services in 2019.

One of the most valuable programs offered at Bona Vista is the behavior management service provided to address behavioral concerns for adults and children with disabilities.

Within this department is a staff that consists of behavioral therapists who work collaboratively alongside the client’s team of staff, family, and case management to identify behavioral issues. The issues targeted are those that may hinder the individual from accomplishing desired tasks. The behavioral therapist then creates a plan to work one-on-one with the individual on setting and attaining goals related to the area of focus. They are also responsible for directing the client, training other staff members and guardians involved, monitoring progress, and assisting with interventions as necessary.

Behavioral therapists are such an important part of the Bona Vista team. Each has a caseload of about 15 to 20 clients, simultaneously working toward a range of goals. These goals can consist of both personal and social concerns such as building confidence to attain employment or learning important social skills to complete tasks independently. Two of Bona Vista’s behavioral therapists, Courtney Carter and Heidi Clark, enjoy educating the community on the importance of this service.

“Behavior management is important because a client is able to work with a professional and receive an individualized plan to target their specific goal(s),” said Carter. “We are able to use different programs that are both fun and educational to teach different behavioral and social skills. The most rewarding part is seeing the progress and watching clients achieve their goals.”

One of the most unique attributes the program is the versatility of the service. The behavioral therapists work individually with clients but also provide support and training to guardians and staff.

As you can imagine, the relationship that develops between a therapist and client allows each to share in the challenges and the successes of the behavior plan.

“One of the moments that stands out to me is the pride that one of my clients had after successfully moving into his own apartment,” Clark said. “For some, it might seem like no big deal, but this was a huge step for him that encompassed lots of planning, goal setting, weighing pros and cons and overcoming fear. He did it, and, a year later, he is still going strong.”

Bona Vista behavior management is accepting new clients and is open to any adult with disabilities who experiences behavioral challenges that hinder their goal attainment. An individual does not have to be an existing client of Bona Vista to utilize this program. Individual’s services are funded through the Bureau of Developmental Disability Services and the Family Supports Waiver and Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver. Private pay services are also available. If you are interested in the program or signing up for waivers, call 765-454-5997, ext. 25.