GROWTH — Barron, born prematurely, continues to overcome challenges.

On Feb. 5, our world got a little brighter, a little stronger. Out of the most devastating circumstances developed a story of hope and strength and was born a set of twins named Barron and Lennox.

As first-time parents, Morgan and Shaun didn’t expect anything unusual out of pregnancy. They had no reason to and, for the first 20 weeks, everything seemed to be going fine. They were overjoyed to be expecting twins and were occupied with the preparation for baby boys. It was in that 20th week when Morgan’s doctor became concerned with the slow blood flow to Barron’s umbilical cord. He was diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), and the slow blood flow caused perinatal asphyxia, hindering enough oxygen to be circulated through his little body.

Morgan was admitted to the hospital at 23 weeks so the doctors could keep an eye on Barron’s heart. It had to work harder to circulate oxygen than the heart of his twin brother, Lennox. At 26 weeks, the doctors made Morgan and Shaun aware of the chance that Barron may be stillborn. They chose to continue the pregnancy of both boys. It was at this time when they picked Barron’s name because it’s definition means “noble fighter”. They were just about to learn how well this name fit him. At 27 weeks Morgan had an emergency C-section and successful delivery of Barron, who weighed less than 2 pounds, and Lennox, who weighed less than 3 pounds.

The twins spent several months in the NICU and eventually were released. Lennox came home first after 104 days at the hospital, and Barron joined him after 135 days. Barron spent 42 days on a ventilator and remained on oxygen when he came home. Both boys have some developmental delays, due to the prematurity of their birth, but both are thriving.

Barron learned to eat orally later than what is typical, so he started therapy services at Positive Results at Bona Vista. His occupational therapist, Carissa Hess, works with him on the goals toward the milestone of eating from a bottle.

“Little Barron had a pretty bad oral aversion when we began therapy due to him being tube fed only,” said Hess. “Our goal for him was to tolerate a pacifier or bottle nipple in his mouth. He has surpassed that and is now taking multiple feeds by mouth and has even began eating baby food from a spoon and exploring toys with his mouth! Barron’s progress has been nothing short of amazing in just a few months. He wouldn’t be where he is now without the hard work and dedication of his momma.”

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Morgan spends her days caring for her new baby boys but also being their biggest cheerleader.

“All of their bodies’ systems are underdeveloped for their age, but they are catching up,” said Morgan. “Lennox hits milestones before Barron, but Barron is still meeting his goals. It just takes him a little longer.”

Doctors do not anticipate long-term complications for either twin.

Barron might be a miracle, or he might just be the most determined of baby boys. Either way, the progress he has made since the doctor’s first concern during pregnancy is astounding. He defied his assigned odds when he successfully shared his birth day with Lennox. He has continued to amaze his doctors by meeting goals and then surpassing them. The world may not have been ready for Barron at the time of his surprise arrival, but Barron is proving ready for anything.

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