Newly-elected Kokomo Common Council member Gregery Jones announced his resignation Friday after the unearthing of racist social media posts made to his Facebook page.

Jones filed his resignation from the council on Friday less than a week after news broke of controversial social media posts he made in 2015. Those posts called Muslims “goat humpers” and derided homosexuality as a “crime against nature.”

His letter read:

“Citizens of Kokomo, I come before you with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. My actions of the past are unacceptable for one who has been selected to represent my district. I owe all of Kokomo an apology for the embarrassment that I have caused our fine city. My comments are uncalled for and inappropriate. I hope that the people will see to forgive me for my sins of the past. I realize I still have room for personal growth. I am a work in progress and will continue to right my wrongs.

“The city of Kokomo is faced with many important decisions this coming year. I do not want my actions to distract from the important work of the council. I would like to thank District 4 for their support and confidence in me, by electing me to represent their best interests. I have great pride for not only our city but also our country.

“Over the last several days I have come to the conclusion that the best way for me to continue to serve our community is for me to step down effective immediately as your District 4 councilman. I hope to find ways to serve our community in the future.