Bona Vista’s Early Head Start is now enrolling for our free, home-based program. We offer parent support and guidance to families with children ages birth to three in the comfort of their homes. If you are curious how a home based program would benefit you and your family, the following are reasons why you should consider Early Head Start as your specialized Home Program. The cost is FREE! At no charge, a child development specialist visits your home weekly to help support parents and guardians with your child’s development, activities, guidance and discipline. The visits are flexible with your family’s schedule. Our specialists are accommodating to your busy life.

Bona Vista’s Early Head Start wants to ensure that children are receiving appropriate learning experiences while in the home. We work with parents and children each step of the way. All visits are personalized to the family’s goals, wants and desires. The visits are an hour and a half, and we can visit anywhere in Howard County.

We can start working with families as soon as they find out they’re expecting! Early Head Start works with parents during the prenatal time until your child’s is three years of age. Early Head Start’s Home Based Program also helps parents to ensure the health of their child by supporting the completions of all recommended doctors and dentist visits. We can offer so much to your family; we want your visits to be interactive and fun for both parents and children.

Staying true to Bona Vista’s mission, Early Head Start welcomes children and families of all abilities, and we will accommodate special needs for any unique situation. If our Home Based Program sounds like a program your family would be interested in pursuing, please call us now to enroll. Call 765-457-8273 to get started today! For more information about all of Bona Vista’s Programs, please visit