When most people hear the name “J.R.” their thoughts would more than likely recall J.R. Ewing, the character portrayed by Larry Hagman in the long running episodes of Dallas. When I hear the name J.R., I think of my good friend, J.R. of radio station, WWKI 100.5 FM in Kokomo.

Since I am a huge fan of both bluegrass and country music, I listen to WWKI quite often. I first met J.R. when he was introducing the Grascals, a very popular and talented bluegrass group because they had a concert in Kokomo.

Well, J.R. hosts Café Country, where listeners can call in requests. He is also a co-host of WWKI’s Male Call. I am proud to say that I have been a guest many times on Male Call, talking about fishing, camping, and hunting.

I was working on my truck one afternoon and listening to J.R. on WWKI. He and another lady were discussing some items, and she mentioned to J.R. that she was going to be wearing her Frogg Toggs. J.R said, “I have never heard of Frogg Toggs.” Since I am associated with Frogg Toggs and work in the Frogg Togg booth at the Indianapolis Boat, Sport, and Travel Show every year, I contacted J.R. and asked for permission to talk with him to inform him about the products.

I walked into the studio and met J.R. in person. After talking with him, I really liked the guy. He was a down home country boy who was very sincere and had a true love for country music, pickup trucks, and bluegrass music.

He is also a fine, talented musician in his own right. Oh yeah, he also loved fishing!

J.R. told me he would love to go fishing with me sometime, and we tried to coordinate our schedules around his busy schedule and my busy schedule. We never got the opportunity to go, but we remained in contact. And, with some shuffling around, we managed to come up with a date to hit the water.

J.R. met me at my house, and I had the bass boat hooked up and ready to roll. We headed out after his afternoon show concluded. We had a beautiful day to fish -- sunshine and light winds with fairly warm temperatures. I just hoped the bass would cooperate with us (I always fear the bass making a complete idiot out of me when I take a friend fishing).

We launched the boat, and I idled us down to the bridge where I told J.R. I normally catch fish. I make a cast into a spot and wham! I boat a decent fish. J.R. said, “We ain’t even been here 15 minutes and you catch a bass.” A little bit of luck never hurts.

I was trying to give J.R. some fishing tips, and we managed to catch some fish. We made another location change, and within minutes, J.R. was putting them in the boat. I was very happy for him. I took a number of photos and really had a great time fishing with J.R. I got a sneaky feeling that I won’t have to twist his arm too hard to get him to go again.

As a matter of fact, I am already planning our next fishing adventure.