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Two more Howard County residents die of COVID-19

14 residents have died from the virus since March 24

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The Indiana State Department of Health reported today two more deaths from COVID-19 in Howard County.

Since March 24, 14 residents now have died from the virus. Half of the deaths were in ages 80 and older, while three deaths have been in ages 60 to 69, two deaths in ages 70 to 79, one death in ages 50 to 59, and one death in ages 40 to 49. 

Of the local deaths, 12 were men, and two were women. 

Statewide, ISDH reported 481 new cases of the virus and 57 new deaths. Now, 28,705 Hoosiers have tested positive for COVID-19, and 1,678 have died. An additional 146 Hoosiers have died who were presumed to have COVID-19 but had no positive test on record.

In Howard County, cases of the virus rose to 303. In addition, 2,140 residents have been tested. The majority of those testing positive are ages 60 to 69, making up 17.2 percent of the cases. More men than women have tested positive at 54.5 percent.