The Indiana State Department of Health reported today 297 cases of COVID-19 in Howard County, along with one additional death. Now, 12 residents have died from the virus. 

The new death was in a female resident who was between ages 40 and 49, the youngest person to die locally from the virus to date. 

The other 11 deaths have been men, and seven were age 80 or older. Two people died who were between ages 60 and 69. One person died who was between ages 70 and 79, and another died who was between ages 50 and 59.

Statewide, 492 new cases were reported and 14 new deaths. 28,255 Hoosiers have tested positive for the virus, and 1,621 have died from COVID-19. An additional 144 have died who were presumed to have the virus but had no positive test on record. 

In Howard County, 2,064 resident have been tested for COVID-19. Most positive cases locally are in ages 60 to 69, accounting to 17.2 percent of the cases.