Earlywine Auctions

Due to social distancing guidelines and an abundance of caution amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Earlywine Auctions is conducting its first virtual estate auction for a family.

Now, the community can bid on the estate of John and Shirley Lipinski online at earlywineauctions.com. More than 200 items, including everything from knickknacks and furniture to purses and luggage, are available for bidding from now through June 4.

Brent Earlywine of Earlywine Auctions said he was glad to be able to offer the auction virtually for the family.

“It’s a great source for people that have situations like this, and it’s efficient,” said Earlywine. “Due to the circumstances we live in today, we’re going to see a lot more of this.”

An inspection will be held on June 1 at the estate, located at 1607 Gordon Drive, from 12 to 5 p.m. for bidders to see the items before the auction closes.

On June 5, the winning bidders can pick up their items.